Hot Tamales Cinamon Flavored Jelly Beans 14 Oz


Quick facts

  • Cinnamon Flavored Jelly Beans
  • 14 Oz bag

Top reviews


I bought these Jelly Beans last year and they were so good that my daughter and I both became addicted to them, but soon realized you couldn’t find them anywhere. So, as soon as Easter supplies started flooding the stores I went on a quest to find these, but have not been able to find them in any stores yet. They are even better than the original Hot Tamales because they are even softer, but still have the same great taste – which is great since I wear a partial and can no longer chew hard chewy candies. They are just AWESOME! Unfortunately I’m not willing to pay $19.95 for one bag – SO SAD!
GabrielRockport, KY