Hott Sauce #1

NW Elixirs #1 Red and Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Vinegar, habenero peppers, onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, Dry chilies, Water, Salt, Olive Oil, Honey, Molasses, Spices

Quick facts

  • All natural fresh ingredients
  • Gluten free and no refined sugars
  • Chef driven sauces for enhancing any meal

Top reviews

The perfect hot sauce for someone who can’t handle spice

I got this hot sauce as a gift, and will not buy any other hot sauces!
I love spicey food, but tend to be a little overly sensitive to spice. Most hot sauces leave my mouth on fire for quite a few minutes after, and make the taste less desirable. But this hot sauce has the great taste that only leaves a little spice.
It’s more like a warmth of flavor left over, and you’re not left running for a giant glass of milk.
Excited to buy more, since I’m running low 🙂
RachaelBryant, SD

Wow! what flavor~ Hott Sauce #1

I was given a bottle of this Hott Sauce as a gift and now I give it as gifts! You always want to share a “good find” with those you love. I like to melt a little butter add 1 tablespoon of Hott Sauce #1 and rub onto my corn on the cob and baked potatoes wrap in foil and barbeque! Yum! I also enjoy a tablespoon in my favorite beer, now that’s good! I am asked what makes my spaghetti sauce so good and I just smile saying “my secret ingrediant” but now you know what it is you too can spice up your cooking in so many ways! Use this in your cooking and your guests will be wanting to know your secret ingrediant too…..have fun cooking and Enjoy the compliments too!
NinfaAmeagle, WV

Awesome sauce!

I love hot sauce and this is one of my favorites! It has more flavor than a lot of hot sauces and this makes it great for cooking as well as as a topping.
MegO Neals, CA


NW Elixirs is strait up THE BEST HOT SAUCE EVER!!!!! Everything they produce is strait up delicious!!! I can’t wait to try their future products.
CelestinaDavy, WV

Good stuff

As a native Texan, I’ve tried my share of hot sauces, and this one stands out among the best. Excellent blend of heat and full flavor. Works with everything from eggs to chicken to salad dressing – a truly versatile hot sauce that the hot sauce lover will love. It’s on the thin side, so don’t expect something sticky like barbecue sauce or chunky like salsa – it’s more in the family of a McIlhenny’s tabasco, but with a more robust flavor. Made by a foodie for other foodies.
ConsueloElk Creek, NE

Love this product!

I cook with this and also use it as topping. I have given it to friends and family that love hot sauce and they also love it!
SeanFelda, FL

Spicy heaven

This hot sauce is absolutely amazing. It is not so spicy that you cannot feel your mouth but it still gives that slow burn. The flavor is great and I try it on and in everything I can. Thanks to all those putting forth effort to create a delicious product!
HectorSaint Peter, IL

Goodbye Siracha, I’m Leaving You

As a fan of hot sauce on everything, EVERYTHING, I have to say I think I’ve found my equivalent of crack. Sprinkle a little (crack/NW Elixirs Hott Sauce #1) on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or you’ll start craving it. It adds great depth and kick to stews and hashes, I’ve added it in to a peach BBQ sauce I used to glaze baby back ribs and add a little kick, with eggs or eggs benedict it gives just the right amount of burn. The mass market hot sauces lack the depth and rounded flavor found in this hot sauce. Tabasco just seems too thin in both texture and flavor and while siracha is great, it still doesn’t have what this sauce has. I’m having a hard time describing exactly what, specifically, is in this that no other hot sauce has because it’s difficult to articulate, but once you try it, you’ll figure it out and never look back!
KellyeWoodbury, CT