House Foods Mugicha Mineral, Barley Teabags, 5.07-Ounce Units

House Foods Barley Tea is healthy, naturally caffeine-free, sugar-free, and deliciously refreshing! No boiling water required to make this mugicha, just add a tea bag into a pitcher of cold water and let it steep.

Quick facts

  • Mugicha, or barley tea, is typically served over ice and is a Japanese summertime favorite
  • The tea bag is designed to work in cold water
  • An aromatic, toasty brown blend of light and deep roasted barley
  • Aluminum pouch seals in natural aroma and flavor
  • Each box includes sixteen 0.31 ounce tea bags, each tea bag makes 1 quart of mugicha

Top reviews

A great summer drink: sweet, nutty and caffeine free

Treat yourself to an excellent summer tea. Caffeine free with a naturally sweet and nutty taste, the tea can be brewed hot or cold. If this is your first experience with Japanese mugicha (barley tea), the large tea packet is the most common way it is sold.

Our sons, ages 8 and 7, like mugicha. We don’t buy Kool-Aid or other powdered drink mixes that require added sugar. Our family of four consumes at least a pitcher of the tea every day in the summer, so one package lasts about one month.

Last summer, we purchased Hasegawa Juhyo Mugicha but it is currently unavailable at Amazon. It was good though, so I wrote a five-star review for that brand. The price was reasonable, less than $9.45 for 51 packs, or roughly 38 cents for a two-quart pitcher.

House Mugicha is about the same price, a five-package order costs $15.94 through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. Each pack contains 16 tea bags (each making one quart of tea), which comes out to 40 cents for a two-quart pitcher.

Rating: 5 stars.

BelindaBradford, OH

Barley tea, the perfect summer drink without calorie and caffeine!

Growing up in Japan, the major drink for summer was and still is cold barley tea. Unlike sweetened drink or soda, you won’t get thirsty after drinking this refreshing tea! Roasted barley flavor doesn’t interfere with any meals. You just drop one bag in cold water and leave it outside to make it like sun tea. Great way to quench your thirst during Summer (in our household, it’s all year around), and it doesn’t come with calorie or caffeine. Some prefer to drink this sweetened, and I sure did when I was a kid.
DorlaSaltsburg, PA

The taste of Japanese summer!

My wife and I lived in Japan and were always disappointed with the mugicha available in the states. This is great tasting mugicha and is so darn refreshing when the temp goes up. We also enjoy sharing it with our children as it is a caffeine free tea. Give it a try, just be sure to read the brewing directions if you haven’t made it before.
LouraFirth, ID

Wonderful aroma, robust flavor!

This is just how I remember drinking barley tea for the first time in Shinjuku, Japan. This tea tastes just as great and brings back memories for me. It has a toasty nuttiness flavor, similar to dandelion tea but more light and refreshing. Says you can steep in cold water, but I enjoy it by putting one tea bag in my coffee maker and brewing it that way. Makes a wonderful morning coffee replacement. Individual tea bags are larger than normal, each making 1 qt of tea (equivalent to 4 cups or 2 water bottles). I drink lots of healthy tea (moringa, dandelion, green tea, white tea, oolong), and this one of my favorites!

I only see one ingredient listed on the box: Barley. Manufactured by House Foods Corp in Tokyo, Japan.

UPDATE 9/6/12: I’ve been brewing this tea at least twice a week. I find placing one tea bag into my coffemaker is so convenient for me as it is enough to fill a 10 cup carafe with strong flavor within minutes (not watered down and faster than cold steeping). For any left over hot tea, I let it cool down to room temperature and place it in the fridge for a refreshing drink anytime. My highest recommendation for this tea is using clean, great tasting water as it really makes a difference. Hope this helps.

RobertaBarryville, NY

Healthy drink

I have this with meals and just as a treat during the day. Couldn’t be easier to brew too. One bag in a 2 quart container, let it sit in fridge over night and it’s ready.
Note: Directions say “1 quart” but, it will easily brew 2 for each bag.
SharaMayville, NY

Great for summer!

It’s so nice to be able to get Mugicha at such a good price. I purchased the pack of 5 because my daughter loves it and will take her share to school with her. It’s delicious and easy to make. Reminds me of summers when I was a kid in Japan. Comfort food.
KatherynGleason, WI

Healthy, tasty tea. Good sweet or unsweetened, hot or cold.

When we were kids, our mother always kept pitchers of barley tea in the fridge. Last year, I came across a box at an Asian grocery store and now can’t imagine life without it. We live over 100 miles from the Asian store so are happy to have found it here on … and hope they stop carrying it!

* Flavor – Don’t use more water than instructed for each teabag. It’s got a subtle, nutty flavor.
* Caffeine-free. One cup of tea or coffee can keep me awake all night, so this keeps me from wrecking my sleep schedule.
* Lots of health benefits (I won’t go into it here, but you can Google for info.)
* Good hot or cold. In winter, we keep a pot on the stove and drink it all day. In summer, it’s great refrigerated.
* Sweetened or unsweetened. You can make this tea appealing to kids by sweetening; we use a mixture of brown sugar and Splenda No-Calorie Sweetener with Fiber.

Can’t think of any!

We’ll be needing to move up our next Subscribe & Save shipment!

CarminaSainte Marie, IL