House Foods Vermont Curry, Medium Hot, 8.1-Ounce Boxes

House Foods unique Vermont Curry roux combines an abundance of flavors for a smooth, delicious and mild spiciness with a touch of apple and honey for a well-rounded palate sensation. Cook as your favorite stew adding meat and vegetables. It is slightly sweeter flavor profile than other curries

Quick facts

  • Pack of ten 8.8 ounce boxes
  • Japan’s #1 Curry Brand
  • Apples and Honey give the curry a mild taste
  • Great for the entire family
  • Available in Mild, Medium Hot, and Hot

Top reviews

Amazing Product!

Like most Amercians, curry was a mystery to me, aside from the reputation for 5 alarm heat! I looked up the definition of curry & found it to be a very complex product of many, many exotic & sometimes obscure spices. A co-worker gave my husband a box of this product after an especially good potluck.

This product lends a deliciously rich and complex flavor. You control the heat by deciding how much you want to use. I made a curry vegetable stew with cashews and garbanzo beans and then used a small piece of this product to add flavor. I then added a cup of Greek Yogurt to add some character to it. Wow! Delicious and hearty. My husband loved it. And somehow the curry spices neutralized the gassy potential of the chickpeas. I added a little extra curry to my bowl to bring the flavors up to my liking, as my husband won’t eat anything with detectable pepper heat. I plan to order the “Mild” when my current box is gone.

This product is wonderful, convenient & highly recommended. AND the shelf-life is phenomenal. I know this because I cooked with it recently, only to discover afterwards it was YEARS beyond the “Best Used Before” date. It had no rancidity & was so good I would’ve never known if I hadn’t looked at the box.

KacyFulshear, TX

Brings me back to Japan everytime!

This is the. best. Japanese. curry. EVER. Period! Growing up, I lived with my family in Japan for eight years and curry was a family favorite (even for two very, very picky little boys). When we moved back my mom was able to find this at the local Asian market – and years later, when I moved out and had to cook on my own, I found it on Amazon. HURRAY! This is a staple in our house, especially during the winter. It is now a family favorite for MY family – husband, and kids aged 6, 5, and 2. It is SUPER simple to make (trust me when I say this! I am not much of a cook!). Just add chicken and veggies to the pot! I do alter the recipe a bit but adding only 1 onion and more carrots, but that’s just our personal prefernce. Half a package will feed my family of 5, with leftovers.

This curry also comes in mild and hot. Hot is too spicy for my kiddos and mild is too mild for my husband. But they are all good. Try it – I PROMISE you will love it! I would give it 10 stars if I could!!

EmeldaNew Windsor, IL

a family favorite for twenty years

I married into the Japanese culture and a whole new world of cuisine was opened up to me. I didn’t know that curry is actually a staple dish in many Japanese households, nor that sauce mixes like this are a very “traditional” way of making curry, meaning it’s one thing that home cooks don’t usually make from scratch. This brand is the favorite and most popular from what I was told by my in-laws and I can see why.

It comes formed sort of like a chocolate bar with break points in it that you can snap off as much as you need. The flavor is warm and not to spicy; I prefer mild but my family likes it a little hot and this was not too spicy for me. We usually add beef cubes, potatoes, onions and carrots and serve over Japanese/sticky rice and it makes a fantastic supper.

Very pleased with this product and highly recommended.

LyndaFords Branch, KY