HP Sauce Original 255g

HP Sauce, the original brown sauce which since 1899 has set the standard for quality. Everyone’s favorite, this legendary and uniquely distinctive sauce is the result of our dedication to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using a closely guarded secret recipe.

Quick facts

  • HP Sauce, the original brown sauce which since 1899 has set the standard for quality
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Top reviews

Great with Steaks

To me, this sauce tastes like a combination of ketchup and worcestershire sauce. It is mild and goes perfectly
with steaks. I introduced this to my husband who normally eats ketchup on his steaks and he loved it. I think
this is better than most steak sauces I’ve tried.
AlethaSmyrna, GA

I just love this British steak sauce,it’s so yummy on steak and burgers

I first tried HP steak sauce when I lived in Florida,I became a fan,I still bought A1 Steak sauce,this sauce is just as good,it’s also good on burgers,french fries,and fried egg sandwiches.

A friend sent me three bottles for Christmas,and I can’t wait to get some in my mouth,this sauce is so delicious,and I took steak out for tonights dinner.

If you are an A1 fan,HP is a must try,it’s right up there with A1,and no I will never give up my A1,but to be able to have HP on my steak tonight,I can’t wait.

OcieAndrews, NC

It lacks the “it” factor

On a 5 star scale I consider 2.5 starts as average. Since Amazon does not allow for half ratings, I put in 2, but consider this item a 2.5 star rating of average. Needless to say I purchased a bottle of HP Sauce and promptly tried it with a meal. It is sweeter and more one-note in flavor than I was expecting. It’s neither catsup (sweet), nor Worchestershire (complex) nor A-1 (a bit of sweet and complex). It is somewhat sweet and vinegary, but the “complex” I was hoping for did not come through for me. For example when using Worchestershire or A1 the tongue picks up numerous levels of spice, sweet and savory that I did not get here. To be clear, HP Sauce is pretty good, but for me at least, it will not replace the aforementioned sauces.
LeonidaBerlin, OH

HP for a Brit.

If you are from England you know there is no substitute for UK made HP Sauce and you also know that the US made version just doesn’t cut it. This is the real thing. Having found this I will no longer have to buy a years worth of HP Sauce before I head for Heathrow on each visit. Now to enjoy the real flavor with my baked beans, cheese on toast and many other delicacies from the British Isles.
JanineGriswold, IA

Delicious on Beef!!

I love this sauce on beef, especially hamburgers and steak! I tried it on chicken, but it didn’t do much for me … don’t know if HP makes a sauce for chicken, pork or fish … if not, sure wish they did!
BryantHewitt, NJ