Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop, Assorted Sour Lollipops, 4-Ounce Tubes

Hubba Bubba squeeze pop sour, assorted, 4 ounce tubes comes in a pack of 18.

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  • Free of fat and sodium

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Great Stuff

This is a great product and worth the money.
My order shipped out very fast.
The Sour Squeeze Pops are deliscious.
The Squeeze Pops have lasted me about 2 Months.
I will definitely make a purchase with them again.
Hope this helps!
OrvilleGresham, SC

Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop, Assorted Sour Lollipops, 4-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 18)

As a 30 year type 1 diabetic, I have had, more than I care to think about, many occasions of low blood sugar. Like 25,28,35,46…. This can kill you. At times like that, I need some glucose IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.
I have the glucose tabs…dozens of them, but sometimes when you really need them, none can be found.

These Hubba Bubba squeeze tubes work FANTASTIC..for me. They are resealable with the cap, so I can take the amount I need and save the rest for later. They last a long time, I mean they aren’t going to melt or spoil. I carry them in our cars, within reach of my bed…scattered throughout our home…in the pocket of my cargo pants….everywhere.
When I need them…I NEED THEM.

This product has saved me more times than I can remember…and they taste good too.
I’ve noticed that many people just plain like them for their intended purpose. Sour or sweet candy.

Locally at a gas station, I pay $1.29 + tax for each tube and have seen them at $1.59. I save a bit and buy this box of 18 at Amazon. Many have stated that this product can be hard to find. Well – go to and buy a box and save a little over buying individually.

I rate this product 5 stars, because without them, I might not be rating anything….ever again. 🙂

JoyaAchille, OK


Hard to find product that seems to make 15 year-olds ecstatic. Good price, shipped quickly: who could ask for anything more?
EllaAtlantic Highlands, NJ