Hubert’s Original Lemonade 16 Oz Glass – 12 Pack

Huberts Original Lemonade, 16 Ounce — 12 per case. Shlef Life: 540 days Kosher

Quick facts

  • Delicious Soft Drinks
  • Refreshing Thirst Quenching Enjoyment for the Whole Family!

Top reviews

Good Lemonade, But Nothing To Write Home About.

Not too long ago I picked up a few 16-ounce bottles of Hubert’s Lemonade, one was classic and the other was mango. I thought it must be a new brand, but when I got it home I found out it was manufactured by Hansen’s. Hubert Hansen to be specific. That’s okay. Hansen’s is a good quality brand of drinks. I just had the Classic for lunch. It was good. Not too sour. Not overly sweet either, and only about 70 calories for an 8-ounce glass. The taste was, well what can I say, like classic lemonade. It was quite refreshing and good tasting, but nothing I’d write home about. Would I buy it again? Sure.

Gary Peterson

EldoraLexington, MI

Ever wondered what it’s like to drink acid?

I mean flesh melting acid. I bought some of this lemonade today because it comes in a cute bottle. I had maybe two sips of it and it burned my throat. It’s now the next day and my throat still hurts from drinking Hubert’s, and it tastes how it feels. Next time I need to dispose of a body, I know what to do.
GayeHope Hull, AL

Tooooooo Sweeeet

This was a free sample. We were walking in Laguna Beach and offered the Hubert’s lemonade sample.

At home, I drank a few sips and it is horribly sweet! The 2nd ingredient is sugar and there is only 10% fruit juice. Why do kids, especially–or adults need this extremely sugary drink? I diluted it with about 40% water and then it is refreshing–still very SWEET. Hansen’s, I’m surprised at you.

Marlene/Aliso Viejo

RufusLottsburg, VA