Hulled Barley, 5 Lb Bag, Biologically Grown Whole Grain, Non-GMO

Yum! Barley is a wonderful grain to add to stews and soups! Hulled barley has the non-edible hull removed. You can also add some when you grind wheat for bread, or sprout it! Biologically grown, non-GMO.

Quick facts

  • Barley with the non-edible hull removed
  • Great in breads, soups, etc
  • Can be sprouted
  • Unavailable to Alaska or Hawaii

Top reviews

Not at all as advertised

I bought this product specifically because it was for HULLED rather than PEARLED barley. The picture shown is clearly HULLED and not PEARLED barley. The description clearly states that they HULL (not pearl) the barley. But, of course, what I received was PEARLED barley. Seeing as I planned to use this for a specific recipe and held off on trying it for over a week waiting for this to show up, I’m a little peeved about this.
AnniceGrand Isle, VT