Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding, Sugar Free, Chocolate , 4-Count

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Seriously? You can buy a 4 pack of snack pack in the store for $1.00. So if you buy 6 packs that is 24 puddings for $6.00 right? Or am I not calculating right.
RoryMerom, IN

Pretty darn good.

These things are pretty awesome. They taste identical to the non sugar-free ones. These do have a sweet taste to them. But they are sweetened with Splenda.

While I have read the other reviews on Amazon, and I do agree about the cost of these things. But, what you have to realize is that those prices reflect Amazon’s 3rd party vendors, and not Amazon themselves. Once Amazon starts carrying the Hunts Snack Packs, prices will be more closer to reality. But, in the interim, 3rd party’s fill the void.

SharenChurchville, MD

What gives???

I love this sugar-free chocolate pudding. It tastes great and is easily one of my favorite snacks. But, lately, I’ve been disappointed with the amount of pudding in the cup, which is rather small to begin with. Now, I keep finding an air bubble in the center of the cup, reducing the amount of pudding a good 20% – 30%. I hadn’t noticed that in the past. Is it a fluke? Or is it a covert price increase? Well, so far, I’ve found a substantial air bubble in three snack packs, a total of 12 cups. What would have been 5 stars is reduced to 3 stars until the air bubble disappears from the pudding cup.
RobertoLa Center, WA