I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter, Chocolate, Peanut Free!, 15-Ounce Plastic Jars

6 grams of soy protein per serving. Made from Non-GMO roasted soybeans. Cholesterol free. 50% Less sugar than trditional chocolate spreads. Dairy and gluten free. No refrigeration needed after opening. No trans fats. Made in a peanut free facility. No sodium added.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 15-ounce jars (total of 90-ounces)
  • Nutty, creamy butter made of roasted soy beans and flavored by cocoa
  • All-natural; no trans fat; no cholesterol

Top reviews

Love the soynut butter.

Just over a 1 1/2 yrs ago, we discovered my son had a peanut allergy. My introduction to soynut butter came after that. I was curious about what the chocolate flavor would be like. The only place I could find it was here on Amazon. I took the plunge and am VERY glad I did. It makes a tasty sandwich with jelly or my favorite is with bananas. Plain is great too. I use this as a substitute in recipes that call for peanut butter in them. My only wish is that Amazon would offer the subscribe option and keep this (all flavors) in stock regularly. They were out for many months and it was expensive buying it anywhere else.
LudivinaMarissa, IL

works in baking as well

I bought this at the local supermarket out of curiosity, and it’s good! Not as chocolate-y as frosting (the company’s website suggests using it as such), but it’s healthier without the extra extra added sugar anyway.

It tastes decadent on a sandwich plain, pretty good on a choc-PB sandwich, and substitutes *really* well (original flavor probably would as well) for PB in a cookie recipe I recently tried.

BrettVernon Rockville, CT

Great product!

Great product! I will reorder. Be aware that it may take a little getting used to–it seems a little greasy. It is, however, an excellent nutrional product.
TonaDelhi, CA

Yummy and nutritious!

My boys have peanut and tree nut allergies, so soy butter is an important protein provider for my little guys. My youngest won’t eat meat or touch regular soy butter, but he loves this.

Thank you Amazon for carrying it because I am now having trouble finding it in stores!

BreannMount Pleasant, OH

Tasty spread

I’m a convert to soy nut butter in place of peanut butter for a number of years now. Just discovered the chocolate soynut better by I.M. Healthy and it is yummy especially on graham crackers!
SimoneMountain Iron, MN


I bought this for my 2 1/2 yr old son who has allergies to Peanuts/treenuts..He absolutely loved it.. As soon as it was delivered I opened up a jar & put a little bit on a spoon for him to see if he’d taste it..After he did he took the spoon from me & kept eating it out of the jar..So a joy to watch him eat it..
I highly recommend this product..
I cant wait to experiment & try making cookes with it..
VickyNashville, AR


I really liked the regular so I thought I would try the Chocolate and it’s almost as good as the regular smooth. It’s just a little more liquid and you need to stir it.
ChristaCenterview, MO

It grows on me

My youngest daughter was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. The doctor also said she was reactive to tree nuts, so we are staying away from it all. I tried Sunflower Butter first and found it so disgusting I gave the jar away to someone else. This was my next try since my oldest daughter recently discovered Nutella from a friend. It’s not Nutella, but it’s not bad either. It’s a mild chocolate taste, and I guess the soy has a very different taste than peanut butter. More grassy or dirt like – I know that sounds gross, but it’s not as nutty tasting as peanut butter. It is still smooth and the grassy undertones aren’t horrible like I found the sunflower butter to be. I find myself eating it on bread or crackers like peanut butter. After a while it’s a pretty good taste, I don’t notice it’s not peanut butter.
NievesCameron, OH

My kids LOVE this!

Two of my three children have severe peanut allergies so we tried the chocolate soy nut butter. They all love it…even my non-peanut allergic child. They prefer it over regular soy nut butter or sunflower butter.
ColetteLittle Hocking, OH

mmmmmm, good!

This product has a fabulous taste, plus you get all the health benefits of soy! I shouldn’t admit this but I love spoonfuls out of the jar. I haven’t tried a fried chocolate banana sandwich yet, but bet it’s spectacular as well.
AllieFranklin, TN

Nothing like chocolate OR soy butter!

Having tried the creamy soy butter (same brand) and loving it, I thought this could be amazing as I am also a chocoholic. Unfortunately, the whole family found it repulsive. It tastes nothing like chocolate! If you want the flavor combination then I recommend the regular soy butter (the crunchy version is also delicious!) and either sprinkle chocolate chips on it (try it! you won’t regret it!) or for some serious indulging drizzle with a little left over ganache! Now that’s YUM! As for this “chocolate soy butter” concoction, our jar is still sitting in the pantry, uneaten and unloved.
MarshaOrmsby, MN

Great product!

I wasn’t sure about getting this product due to price and the fact that I had to buy it by the 6 pack, but my toddler started pre-school and isn’t allowed to have Nutella due to school policy. I finally ordered it and WOW! We all love it, even my finicky mother! Great product and I don’t see it lasting long in my house!! Compared to Nutella it is less expensive and I think it tastes much better. Good texture, taste is great; it isn’t too sweet and is not oily or runny.
TakishaNisswa, MN


As a former peanut butter lover, and now a mom of a peanut allergic child, I am constantly looking for peanut butter substitutes. I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter is ok, but their chocolate soy nut butter is awesome! It is now a staple in our house, along with Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter.
MargareteSmokerun, PA

Perfect for everything!!!

Mix it with my Greek Yogurt, eat it with bananas and apples, sandwiches. Love to put it on strawberries. Sometimes just a tablespoon is all I need.
SherriePruden, TN

really yummy!

My peanut allergic son loves this stuff. His sister who is not allergy loves it too. The same company makes great regular soy nut butter too, but this stuff is really good. It goes great on apples for a quick snack or side dish.
NathanaelWyoming, NY

Chocolate Butter

Love the Chocolate SoyNut Butter, use it in smoothies, sandwiches, with fruit, and put on pancakes or as frosting. Eat a spoonful when I want something sweet.
BeaMontgomery Center, VT

I really like the IM Heatlhy Chocolate Soy Nut Butter.

This product is a fun and tasty change from regular soy nut butter. I have trouble keeping out of it. I always find myself grabbing a spoonful. I bought it for my peanut allergic son but have been eating more of it than him!
SpringHebron, ND