IAMS Hairball Care Proactive Health Dry Cat Food, 4-Pound Bags

Iams Hairball Care is specially formulated for adult cats to reduce hairballs by improving both your cat’s coat and digestion. A unique blend of carbohydrates, beet pulp and FOS (which promotes healthy bacteria in the stomach) improves your cat’s ability to absorb nutrients, provides bulk to move food through the intestines, promotes colon health and reduces waste and litter-box odors. It’s also enhanced with fish oils, B-vitamins and brewers yeast for a healthy skin and shiny coat that helps control hairball formation.

Quick facts

  • Gentle fiber blend to help reduce hairballs and promote healthy digestion
  • Recommended for normally active adult cats that experience occasional hairball issues – 1 year and older
  • Omega rich fish oils for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Select natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Gentle fiber system to support your cat’s ability to absorb nutrients and to help reduce hairballs

Top reviews

Read carefully – picture doesn’t match description!

The picture for the “Hairball” type shows a green bag that is labeled, “Weight and Hairball Control”. This is what I normally get for my cats. However, the bags that arrived were orange and just state, “Hairball Control.” I’m keeping them because my cats will eat it and it’s easier than returning them. However, I would like to actually get what I think I’m paying for.
KrystinFrederica, DE

Iams Cat Food

This is my first time ordering household supplies through Amazon. A friends recommended that I do my bulk shopping online as she saves a ton on dog food that way. So convenient and quite a bit less expensive!!
ByronDunellen, NJ