Iams Health Naturals Adult Cat with Wholesome, Natural Chicken, 1.8-Pound Bags

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Cat with Wholesome, Natural Chicken is complete and natural nutrition with no added fillers, sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives. We believe nutrition matters in a naturaly way,

Quick facts

  • High quality natural fish and egg to help build and maintain muscles
  • Recommended for adult cats
  • Antioxidants for healthy immunity
  • Natural fruit and vegetable fiber for healthy digestion;natural fiber from beets and apples to support a healthy digestive system

Top reviews


My cats were needing a change and this hit the spot. They often make a mess of their food over the floor or leave bits at the bottom that they will not no matter how much they seem to like the food. Iams health naturals is entirely devoured with not a trace left behind! Literally not one bit (from four kitties. The four 1.8lb bags keep it fresher than a roughly 8lb bag would be even in a food keeper. I was happy with the price, I hope this deal continues to be offered on Amazon.
ElizabetCenterville, NY