Reward your dog with the satisfying crunch of IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dog Weight Control Biscuits. Our wholesome dog biscuits are made with high-quality ingredients, plus essential vitamins and minerals. Best of all, our weight control dog biscuits for less active or overweight dogs have 14% less fat than IAMS Original Formula Biscuits and offer 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult maintenance. Your dog will love our hearty dog biscuits and the savory taste of real chicken. You’ll like that IAMS Biscuits for Dogs are made without artificial flavors or colors. Each treat also helps to clean your dog’s teeth with its irresistible crunchy texture. Perfect for a playtime reward or as a way to show you care, IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Dog Biscuits for Weight Control are a delicious complement to your dog’s healthy diet — without the extra calories.

Quick facts

  • Contains (6) 4-lb. boxes of IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dog Weight Control Biscuits
  • IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dog Weight Control Biscuits have 14% less fat than IAMS Original Formula Biscuits
  • Our wholesome dog biscuits are formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to promote good health
  • Our hearty dog biscuit’s crunchy texture helps clean teeth and freshen breath
  • IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Dog Biscuits are made with no artificial flavors or colors

Top reviews

Great Way To Buy These Biscuits! My Dog Loves Them.

My dog is medium in size, but he doesn’t like large bones or treats. These are tiny, and I think he thinks he’s getting more, because he gets them more often. They are easier for him to eat though and he doesn’t need large ones because I don’t want him to overeat.

He also has a sensitive stomach and these don’t bother him.

Good choice for us and SO convenient to have them delivered right to the door. I’m hoping my dog will come to think of the UPS delivery man as a friend, but so far it isn’t happening.

EDITED to say that this order contains a lot of dog biscuits! I think I bought too much for one dog. It’s going to take a long time to finish all those boxes. I probably should have bought less or added more dogs. 🙂

LianeSan Rafael, NM

Iams Small biscuits for dogs

Iams dog biscuits are the only ones I give my dog as they are flavorful, crunchy, balanced nutrition and in addition to all that they make my Lab smile ! She prefers the small size though she is NOT a small size. She gets two since they are small and thinks she is getting more that way. (Sneaky Mom) You can’t beat Amazons price.
ThomasinaLorane, OR

My dog likes these tiny treat biscuits!

My order from Amazon arrived very quickly.

My lab mix, medium-sized dog has trouble with large treats. These were tiny.

When they arrived, I took one out and he sniffed at it very cautiously, then tried it. It passed his nose test and his mouth test.

We’re happy.

EDITED to say that he has changed his mind. Now he prefers one size larger, but he still likes these.

ValentinSpring Lake, MI

My dogs love them!

Up until recently I have had 4 dogs. Sadly, one passed away from old age this past July. Anyway, all four of my dogs love these Iams biscuits. My finickiest dog never turns them down although she has turned down other brands of biscuits. The only thing that puzzles me is that the biscuits are now thinner than they used to be. They must still taste the same since my dogs still gobble them up. I had brought up this inconsistency to an Iams rep at a dog show about a year ago. His only answer was that they had 2 manufacturing companies and one must be making them thinner than the other company. I would think that their standards on this would be fairly strict so that the 2 companies would be manufacturing identical products, but apparently not. Oh well, it’s not really a problem as long as my dogs remain elated with them, and since they are sold by weight there’s nothing sneaky going on as far as I can tell. I love that I can order a pack of 6 on Amazon.com. Many times the stores do not have that many, so the 6-pack is really convenient since my dogs go through these pretty quickly.
RiaDe Peyster, NY

Dogs love them, a lot of treats!

I have 2 dogs, one is a small chihuahua and one is an older sheltie. The small dog eats these things like crazy, loves them. The older dog has few teeth left (she was abused and we rescued her). A lot of treats we buy are to hard for her to eat but these are the right texture and hardness. She can chew them up and she loves them as well. Perfect for giving to the dogs after they use the bathroom.

The value is great. I didn’t really think about how many boxes 6 of these were but the deal is that much better when you actually see how many treats you have. It’s an amazing amount and I’m set with treats for a few months at least!

Great deal, I will be placing a new order when I start running low…. But that will be a long time!!

I uploaded a picture so you can see how much the little dog loves these thing!

PaulWest Minot, ME

Healthy Treats

I have been giving my dog these treats since she has been a puppy. She loves them and were great rewards for her training. Best of all, they have kept her teeth and gums clean and free of plaque. I recommend them to all dog owners. Buying them from Amazon on a recurring basis has been a lifesaver. These treats do not last long on store shelves so finding them locally has been difficult. Thanks Amazon for solving my source problem!
DamarisKanopolis, KS

good buy

this item is a good buy, they are nice and fresh and the dogs love them. This is a good product for the money spent.
OsvaldoPernell, OK

Great Deal

Great deal, fast shipping. Saved a lot buying these biscuits through Amazon – These biscuits are four dollars more a box at Pets Smart and other pet stores.
BeatrisKraemer, LA

Great Way to Buy a Great Product: Subscribe Today!

I live in an isolated town, and you cannot purchase Iams dog biscuits within a four hour radius. Unfortunately, Iams small biscuits are all my parents’ spoiled dogs will eat for a snack. Like another reviewer’s dog, these dogs will not eat large biscuits, even though one is a Great Dane and the other is a lab mix.

When I found the monthly subscription on Amazon and found they were slightly cheaper than in the stores (where I can no longer buy them; thank you, over-sized “super” stores that carry fewer and fewer products since you feel the consumer is at your mercy), I immediately ordered them. They arrived a week later with free shipping.

The packaging was neat and tight; very few biscuits were broken in the opened box. They were also very fresh. The expiration date was June 15, 2012. Traditionally, the ones I’ve purchased in stores were only good for six months or less. I subscribed for two six packs a month, and it’s very satisfying to know I don’t have to worry about my mother haranguing me to drive to Mississippi to pick up dog biscuits. They come to the PO box once a month: No fuss, no muss, no bother. And the dogs are infinitely happier. 🙂

SalinaStrum, WI

What a deal!

If your pooch is pampered, this is the way to go. All the Wal-Mart stores quit stocking these and so did Target so I had to start looking around to find a better value. This is it. They arrived quickly and sre actually boxes, not bags. It’s a good product at a great price.
NicoletteHuntland, TN

A LOT of dog treats!!!

This is an amazing amount of dog treats that will last a LONG time!!! What a great price!! These are the bones i give my dog after i let her out to use the bathroom and she comes back in. i have other treats for random times so this will last forever. i couldnt be happier!!
LavoniaSwan Lake, NY

Rudy’s favorite

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve had trouble finding these IAMS dog biscuits in the local grocery stores. Since my German Shepherd loves them, I searched Amazon and found this Pack of 6 deal. Rudy is happy. His teeth are staying clean and all is good!
TiannaNewark, OH

Iams Biscuits

My dogs love them. And they help keep their teeth clean. BUT they do contain wheat to which one of my dogs is allergic.
TamishaAry, KY

Gluten Free Biscuits

Our dog is allergic to wheat. It is difficult to find gluten free products in the pet stores. These are great and my dog loves them.
ElviaHarrisonburg, VA

Great deal!

My dog absolutely loves these treats, and the price on these was nearly 1/2 the price I pay at the pet or grocery store!!! Plus I don’t have to worry about running out for quite a while, or shall I say my dog does not have to worry!!
RoseannaBainbridge, NY

Healthy dog treats

I have a mini-schnauzer that cannot have over 10% fat or it will make him very sick. These treats show the maximum fat content to be under that range and he loves them.
GerdaFarmersville, CA


These “treats” are hard to find in local stores. They are the perfect size if your dog, like ours, thinks there should be multiple “treat-ops” during a day. I also love the automatic shipment feature.
It’s just one more reason I love shopping with Amazon.
AyakoStuart, NE


Just a Note to tell everyone that the 4 LB.Variety comes in BOXES ..NOT BAGS!! I have used these since I got my two French Bulldogs [5 Years] ….they Love them and they are very Healthy because of them …this, according to my Vet!! Walmart Stopped carrying them, so I went over to Amazon where I do Most of my Buying anyway…I am never let Down by Amazon …..Good Luck with these Biscuits…your Dogs will Love them …and Stay Healthy while Eating them…
DeettaSandy Point, VA