Ian’s Natural Foods Gluten Free Recipe Chocolate Chip Buttons, 6-Count Pouches

Ian’s Natural Foods Organic Cookie & Wafer Buttons are massive in taste. The 130-calorie bags are a nutritious snack packed with the power of organics on car rides or on-the-go.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 6-count per unit (total of 36 counts)
  • 130-calories per bag
  • Wheat free and gluten free

Top reviews


I was so excited to find these in our local Whole Foods. I loved the fact that they came in individually wrapped packages (great for travel, lunch boxes, etc). Unfortunately, the taste was quite disappointing. The cinnamon flavored ones were even worse. Neither myself, nor my youngest liked either of them. Granted, we are both somewhat picky when it comes to store-bought cookies. I’d have loved to have given them to my oldest son (who has a real sweet tooth and likes most GFCFSF cookies I buy), but they have both soy and corn in them and he is allergic to soy and corn in addition to gluten and dairy. Fortunately, I hadn’t bought them in bulk on Amazon … I was surprised to see that they got such good reviews.
DrewWest Paducah, KY

Awesome GF treat!

We LOVE Ian’s gluten free cookie buttons! They are a great-tasting little snack for my kids who can’t have gluten but like an occassional treat and I love the fact that the portion is very reasonable, too! Bravo! 10 stars!
WinifredSaint Henry, OH

need to eat

Ok , well first I did not get the variety I ordered , I got the Crunchy Cinnamon kind , and I was going to send them back. Until I saw they were all out of stock… things like these save me , when we need to be out and about , now that we cannot have wheat. So we tried them , the 8, year old says they taste like mini muffin tops, the 12 year old says , they are good coverd in milk like cereal , the 14 year old , who eats nothing ,ate them , and the two older ones did too , but in all fairness they eat everything.. we all like them , and Ian’s is a great company to support , with wonderful kid food , for kids who can’t have wheat .
NellBlack Lick, PA

Whatever this tastes like it isn’t a chocolate chip cookie

I’m trying to figure out what it is that tastes so very peculiar and unpleasant in these cookies. Could it be the soy flour? In any case, I get no taste of chocolate chips at all. Zero. Zilch. They might as well have left that out of the name. The texture isn’t bad. It’s crunchy and not overly gritty. But there are better gluten-free snacks out there. I hope.
StephanDecatur, IL

Taste great

These cookies not only taste great, but they are prepackaged so you can just throw them in a lunchbox. When you have a child on a gluten-free diet, saving time on food prep is always appreciated. They are definitely a favorite in my house. We love them. They are small in size, but are the best tasting chocolate chip cookie so far that we have found gluten-free.
MaximoSaint Johns, OH

Great to have on hand!

These are great. I like the fact that they are in portion controlled bags which make them easy to throw in a book bag, carry-on bag or lunch box. They are a bit hard so they don’t crumble easily before you get to them. The taste is similar to cinammon graham crackers.
LenaClayton, DE

Very good and gluten free

My three-year-old who can’t eat gluten loves these cookies, and I’ve had them too and they’re very good. They’re small, maybe 1/2 inch across, but they come packaged in bunches. They’re crunchy and sweet and you can definitely taste the chocolate. A good product overall.
OteliaRutland, MA


These are excellently portioned and very tasty. My only complaint was that they are too hard. I love them with coffee but for my daughter they were a too hard —have to watch her VERY close when she is eating them.
ShirleyHigganum, CT

Kids love them….

Great GF cookie alternative. My son loves them and he is a very picky eater.
ArdathReeder, ND