Ice Breakers Ice cubess Sugar Free Strawberry Smoothie Gum, 10-Piece Boxes

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Strawberry Smoothie Chewing Gum with Xylitol 8/ 10-stick Packs Sugarless Gum Each Box contains Eight 10 Piece packs

Quick facts

  • Enjoy a burst of sweet refreshment whether you’re at home or out on the town.
  • Strawberry Smoothie Flavor
  • Boxes of Ice Breakers Ice cubess Sugar Free Gum slip perfectly into pockets and purses.
  • Sugar free gum
  • Includes a total of 8, 10-piece boxes of Ice Breakers Ice cubess Sugar Free Strawberry Smoothie Gum

Top reviews

a soft chew

I am not rating this for flavor as I tried a different one but rating this for chewability.
It is a very soft gum. I did not like it as it does not have the chewability of other top rated gums.
OrphaNazareth, TX

Mmm, strawberry!

I love strawberries. However, it seems that most strawberry gum has other tastes mixed in. I’m not interested in strawberry-kiwi or strawberry-lime or strawberry-banana. This one says strawberry smoothie, which implies a creamy/yogurt flavor. Rest assured, it is simply strawberry. It is also very easy to chew. The flavor holds up fairly well and I love that it doesn’t harden much. Blowing bubbles with it is easy.
ErnestinaChana, IL

Soft & Perfectly Sweet

The texture of Strawberry Smoothie Chewing Gum is perfectly soft and not “rubbery” like so many sugarless chewing gums. The flavor is sweet and mildly fruity and doesn’t have a strong artificial strawberry flavor. Many of the sugarless gums seem to contain too much xylitol and it burns my mouth, this one doesn’t.
JeremiahLeroy, MI

a favorite

I bought these for a friend to give her husband. They are his favorite and cannot always be found at the store in this flavor. He apparently has some sort of allergy to the sweetener used in most sugar free gums, but not the xylitol in this one. He was (and I quote) “ecstatic”.
DamonVan Vleet, MS

love it

i just got my pack of ice breakers strawberry smoothie gum today and i love it its easy to chew it has long lasting flavor ive never had this kind before so i decided to buy and try and its good im very glad i brought this i recommend that u buy for your self
RaymonFultondale, AL

Ice Breakers

All perfect BUT would like to be able to have on Auto order every 90 days – how can I do this?
CaronDavisville, MO