Ice breakers sugar free fruit sours, berry – 1.5 oz/tin, 8 tins

ce Breakers Sours Berry flavored candies from Hershey’s. In this easy to take along plastic container, you will enjoy your favorite Ice Breakers Berry Sours Flavor. Strawberry and cherry sweetness mixed with an intense sour flavor to keep your taste buds awake. Ice Breakers Sours Mixed Berry are sugar free and you receive 8 – 1.5 ounce containers.

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, 1.5-ounce tins(total of 12-ounces)
  • Mouth-watering, fruit-flavored treat
  • Sour and pleasantly sweet combinations of berries, melons, and citrus flavors

Top reviews

Dangerous, do not give to kids!

I started buying these candies recently because my dentist told me to stop chewing gum. I usually have one driving home from work. The other day I was waiting for my husband to go out to dinner and I was starving so I had three. Big mistake. The third one burnt my tongue. Literally took the skin off. My tongue bled while I slept that night, I woke up with a throat coated with blood. Then it scabbed over and now the scabs are slowly peeling away, so I have dead skin kind of hanging off the middle of my tongue that I am afraid to remove because I don’t want to start bleeding again.

I’ve never in my life had this happen with any other candy. I recommend staying away from these!!!!

SondraMilledgeville, GA

WARNING: Possible Molar Erosion

Before I became addicted to these, my teeth were in very good shape, with very few cavities. I started eating one box of these a week, for about 16 months. During that time, I experienced severe molar erosion (back bottom molars), of up to 1/8″ or so. When the corners of the molars started to break off (they’re crunchy, so you tend to notice), I knew I was in trouble. Did some research and found that sours can be very bad for your teeth. I had to have caps installed on four molars. If you try these, I’d recommmend NOT gettng addicted to them, and limiting use. I can’t be positive that this is what caused the problem, but I quit using them after the dental problems, and the molar erosion has stopped.
VallieCastalia, OH

What U see, Is NOT what U get

I ordered these because I love them and can’t find them in stores. Well, I found out they dont make them anymore, and I was sent a “substitute”. Amazon was great and I was able to send back the order at no cost to me and recieved a timely credit.
GertrudeFannin, TX

Ice Breakers

Good sugarless candy in an easy to use pocket container.
Been using these since I stopped smoking three years ago.
SantosTontitown, AR

Best all-round

We were concerned that the item ordered would be what we had purchased locally earlier. We had not been able to secure this item locally and wondered if it had been discontinued by the mfg. When the “Ice Breakers Sugar Free Fruit Sours, Berry” (8 tins) arrived, we were glad to see that although the pkg was not exactly like the old one we hand on hand but the mints inside were what we wanted.
Thank you for all of the process througout this order and it’s completion to make us a satisfied customer!
Bernett M. Waitt\
LynEllsworth, IA

Great product, poor service

This is a product that almost everybody loves, I purchase it very often. But Amazon canceled this order delivery without explaination was huge disappointment. I was forced to purchase somewhere else.

Amazon should provide better service to good customers like me.

DamionPawhuska, OK