Icee Slush Bars 12ct

This ’80’s freezer treat was a west coast favorite, particularly in the local 7-11 or neighborhood ice cream truck. Keep in the freezer for a cool, low-fat summertime treat!

Quick facts

  • Now you can enjoy your favorite frozen beverage in a freeze and eat freezer bar.
  • A premium freezer bar with the taste and texture of a real Icee beverage.
  • Only 60 calories per 2 oz bar with no fat or cholesterol.
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  • Twelve 8 count boxes

Top reviews

love them, but won’t pay @$25 for shipping – that’s insane

These are fantastic and I wish there were more flavors and free shipping as an prime item. I found them in Wildwood, NJ while on vacation and have not been able to find them back at home in Baltimore, MD. I hope that some day they become part of prime as I will definitely stock up for those hot evenings. Hayes
CamilleBrilliant, AL


These things are great. They never freeze solid, they’re always slushly. And each one is only 60 calories.
LenReed Point, MT