Idahoan Buttery homestyle flavored mashed potatoes, 3 Pound

Idahoan premium mashed potatoes were a wholesome, nutritious part of growing up. Uses 100% Idaho russet potatoes.

Quick facts

  • Uses 100% Idaho russet potatoes

Top reviews

Tastes great.

I bought this to make fruit fly food. When I found out that there was milk in it, I ate it myself.
LaurettaOcean View, DE


I am disappointed by this product, for which I saw raving reviews and so decided to pay its high price. I find the resulting mashed potatoes thick, lumpy, and grainy, regardless of how I try to modify the texture. A package of much cheaper flakes from the local supermarket can actually be better.
MaganMegargel, TX

Idahoan REAL Premium Mashed Potatoes – 3.24lbs

Okay, Okay, I can see your eyes rolling. Instant mashed potatoes? Well, not everyone has the luxury of having the time (or skill believe it or not)to properly prepare mashed potatoes. There are many things that are going on in our lives and having to make a side dish that takes more time and/or effort to prepare than your main course on a weekday evening just ain’t gonna cut it. The nasty instant (dehydrated) potato?, blasphemy you say!

Well, I may not be totally crazy (although the jury is still is still out on this one) but there is at least one (the only one that I know of) that is pretty damn good and it is the Idahoan REAL Premium Mashed Potatoes that I used to buy at Costco long ago in 3.24lbs containers. For what ever reason, Costco stopped carrying this product but may still may carry some of the Idahoan potato product line.

In short, they taste pretty darn good by themselves but I have been known to add in some sour cream in lieu of some of the milk, blend in some well-cooked cauliflower, cheese or even some bacon bits. Just follow the directions. It is that easy. Also, instant mashed potatoes can also make a good gravy thickener if used in small quantities.

I just ordered some from for $14.337 a box. Remember, this box weighs more than 3 pounds and will last a long time and price per ounce you can’t beat…and as a matter of fact, you can’t even mash it. lol

I usually order more to get the Super Saver shipping discount.

JannaMosherville, MI


We enjoy the product and I was happy to discover it on Amazon – until I noticed the price. We get the same size locally for just $5.48. I was hoping this price would include three boxes.
AricaSpring Mount, PA

The BEST instant potatoes

Everyone in my family has tried these, and we’ve recommended them to others with 100% results. These are super-quick to make – you just add hot water, since milk is already included. They are smooth, rich and have excellent flavor. The local stores stopped carrying them for a while and I had my folks ship them from Florida to NC, but I’m happy to find them here on Amazon!
JedPiketon, OH

AWESOME mashed potatoes — from a Box? YES!!!!

OK, so if you’re actually serving mashed potatoes from a box (erghhh…), you wouldn’t want to TELL anyone, right? WRONG!! These are so good, it’s worth bragging about them. I was serving dinner for 12 from my open kitchen, a little behind on the cooking, and thus everyone saw (and gasped!) when I mixed the mashed potatoes just before serving. My husband and I are generally considered a team of good cooks, and people were already wolfing down appetizers in preparation for what they fully expected would be an outstanding meal — and here I was making mashed potatoes FROM A BOX??

Well, several stuffy guests put token amounts of mashed potatoes on their plates and just moved them around on the plate, leaving them there when plates were cleared. No one else said anything — except that everyone else had seconds or even thirds on the potatoes, and *three* wives contacted me afterwards to find out where to buy the exact same box!! Confession: I’d have made the potatoes in advance and hidden the box if I’d had time. Alas, I didn’t. Now, I wouldn’t even bother trying to hide. These potatoes are THAT good!! We still have remnants in a box that’s a year old (don’t have mashed potatoes for dinner parties all that often, and use Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, Four Cheese, 4-Ounce Package (Pack of 12) in a smaller and even more convenient package for family use) — and the potatoes from our old box were still GREAT last weekend!

If you’re a mashed potato lover, or if you cook for those who are, you owe it to yourself to try these. I make great mashed potatoes from scratch, but these are just as good and take a whole lot less time (best part is not having to peel all those potatoes!). This product is a huge win!!!

WinnifredOroville, CA

ALMOST the real thing…

I won’t lie, they’re not as good as the “real” thing. No instant ever will be. But this is as close as I can find, so it’s a staple in my pantry for those “too tired” days.
SiobhanPiggott, AR

Taste great for instant potatoes

There was no graininess to them and they weren’t dry. If you find they are grainy and dry, then just add a little more milk. So far, this is our favorite brand. We will be trying other brands and will update if I find a better taste & texture.
KiyokoMillerville, AL


I have been purchasing this same product from Sam’s for years now at under 6 dollars! Yes is is three pounds of product and it is Idahoan brand (very tasty by the way!).
This is making me worry about the cost/value of my other Pick and Save orders!
KarlaDalton City, IL

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes

This is simple to make and tastes good. I’m over washing and peeling potatoes. I use half water and half Pacific Natural Foods organic chicken broth. I add about a tablespoon of Solgar brewer’s yeast powder and dried onion to the broth before boiling. The thought of this might make others’ gag but I like it and my complection looks better when I take brewer’s yeasts regularly. I’ve ued it for years. I wish there was a spell checker built into this so I wouldn’t come off looking like an ignoramous if I mispell something.
DarcieMarietta, NY

The Only one we buy

The best teasting one and we have tried them all. We also found out to cut back a little or add more liquid to make them a little looser and that makes them more creamy to us.
DorianCathay, ND

very good

I ALWAYS made my mashed potatoes from scratch and had always been “ashamed” to make boxed potatoes for my family. But these are great! These granules mix better than flakes do. Since buying these I save making “real” mashed potatoes for holiday dinners. Very easy to make and very tasty!
InellCody, NE

Splendid Method For Enjoying Near-Fresh Potatoes

Never thought possible that any potato-based dish would still taste after 5 minutes, as potatoes tend to get this awful whiff of oxygenation.

This is the first exception I have encountered with my gourmet pallet.
It already contains milk. So, all I do is dump a good 3/4 cup of water into the Sunbeam 6131 Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser, Black, set a small bowl with some nutmeg Simply Organic Nutmeg Ground Certified Organic, 2.3-Ounce Containers (Pack of 3) and (REAL!) butter from under it, fill in the pre-measured 1/2 cup of potato flakes (or perhaps a little less) the recipe dictates, swirl with a spoon and oh, baby, the result is mouth-watering: AS IF JUST MADE BY HAND!

LovieCedar, KS

Cheap & Cheerful

This is a great staple to have on hand when you need a quick bite. I never really measure the potatoes, just sprinkle and stir the dried potatoes into a bowl or pan of boiling water until they are just slightly wetter than I want. The potatoes will absorb a little more water as they sit. I then add salt, pepper, and sometimes butter and milk. If I have no milk on hand, I sprinkle in a bit of nondairy creamer. Doesn’t sound great, but it tastes fine. Sometimes I sprinkle on a layer of shredded cheese and allow it to melt and then stir it into the potatoes – yummy! I also save the packets of garlic butter dipping sauce that a major pizza company includes with their delivery pizzas. I’ve found that they are a great flavoring for these mashed potatoes. I just open the packet and pour the liquid into the potatoes and stir. They taste like the much more expensive boxed garlic butter mashed potatoes at a fraction of the cost.
JosefaFreeport, OH

mashed potatoes

Perfect and cheap for a quick snack. Just mix with water, a little milk, some (powdered) butter, salt and pepper. Wonderful for cabin stock. Won’t go bad.
ShawneeEmmett, ID

Best mashed potatoes

My wife and I fell in love with this brand. We are used to buying the other brands but this brand is something that we both totally agree on. Believe the word Premium on the box.
ShawneeLakin, WV