igourmet Danbo with Seeds

Also known as “King Christian,” this Danish specialty cheese is made from partially skimmed cow’s milk and is flavored with caraway seeds. This addition gives Danbo a warm, familiar taste, reminiscent of rye bread. Similar in concept to Dutch Leyden (but with a springier texture), Danbo is a festive cheese that is always a hit at parties. It partners very well with beer and wine, especially when served with dark breads, such as pumpernickel. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Photo depicts whole 18 lb. form of cheese. We cut and wrap this item by hand.

Quick facts

  • Ships expedited in a reusable insulated cooler to ensure freshness
  • Imported from Denmark
  • Partially skimmed and a great source of calcium
  • Made from cow’s milk and flavored with caraway seeds
  • Springy texture, perfect for party platters or snacking

Top reviews

Danbo Cheese with Caraway Seeds

Delicious Danish Cheese with a piquant flavor. It is very hard to find in the United States, so I was delighted to find a site that carried it at a reasonable cost.
WeldonSheffield, AL