illy Caffe Normale MOKA Ground Coffee

illy Caffe Normale MOKA Ground Coffee has a richly aromatic with a well-defined body. The moka stovetop coffee is an easy-to-prepare morning ritual in most Italian households.

Quick facts

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  • Pack of two, 8.8-ounces per tin (total of 17.6 ounces)
  • Richly aromatic with a well-defined body
  • Moka stovetop coffee is an easy-to-prepare morning ritual in most Italian households

Top reviews

The Only Illy Not Worth the Money

I love Illy’s medium roast, dark roast, and decaff. I don’t know what happened with this blend, but it is flat-out nasty.
DellPilot Grove, IA

Wonderful experience

I love my Moka pot. It keeps my espresso habit at a very inexpensive cost value. I stumbled on this type of Illy espresso (made especially for the Moka pot). It is coarser than the grind you’d find for a real machine. I first found the Illy brand in the airport in Germany and the line was long. I now understand why.

It also has that classic Illy taste. Not too much bite or bitterness. The Illy espresso is 100% arabica beans made from producing countries. It is very smooth. One added bonus, I can take the grinds out to my garden to help my soil. By using the Moka pot, I cut down on the amount of waste (from filters, pods or capsules)

This espresso made with a Moka pot, coupled with a milk frother unit and you can have the ultimate value in espresso or cappuccino at home!

The shipping took a while, but it was free and the Illy standard of packing the espresso in Nitrogen keeps the grinds away from oxidation. The smell when it is first opened is wonderful!

AnitraMarcellus, NY

Much better than Starbucks “bold” espresso roast

I upgraded to this for my Bialetti Moka pot after using about half a bag of the Starbucks espresso roast… there is just no comparison. The Starbucks blend left an over-roasted bitterness behind after every sip, even in mixture with steamed milk and mocha powder. The Illy product is superior by a huge margin; the smell when you open the sealed cans is enough to make the difference obvious. It’s a bit pricey, but not too bad in the 2-packs with Prime membership (free 2-day shipping). Once I judge my consumption, I’ll go on the 15% discount subscription delivery plan.

Highly recommended.

AleshaBridge City, TX

Delicious Moka Coffee

This grind of Illy’s popular Normale roast coffee was created specifially for the Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker. Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

The coffee comes out thick, rich, and aromatic. The Moka brewers give two-ounce servings. It is close to the consistency of cream with a very strong (but not bitter) taste. The moka grind prevents sediment from getting into the coffee and leaves you with a shot of pure coffee essence.

While not true espresso, this grind will give you the best results you can get from the Italian stovetop coffee brewers.

DaphineLoomis, CA

Delicious Espresso coffee – need special coffee maker

This coffee is really delicious. The particular blend of Illy coffee goes hand in hand with the Moka stovetop coffee maker. We make this coffee every morning after coming back from a trip to Italy and love it. We bought the 3 cup and 6 cup Moka stove top coffee maker from Bialetti and use this Illy Moka blend only and love it. I don’t think you can use this blend as you would a regular espresso using a regular espresso machine.
GayStet, MO

Illy Moka is the best!!!

I thought I was in heaven when I acquired the Bialetti Brikka stovetop espresso (Moka Pot) maker. I loved it so much that I actually purchased a second one just in case the first one failed me. THEN……..I came across Illy MOKA coffee,that is roasted and ground especially for stovetop makers and have to say it is by far the absolute BEST tasting coffee I ever had. I’ve tried Starbucks Espresso blend and just as the other person said, it left a strong bitter after taste leaving a displeasing taste on my pallet. When made correctly, this coffee will yield about 1/8″ layer of crema with a velvity smooth flavor.

I also own a Bodum milk frother that goes hand-in-hand with my Brikka pot and Illy MOKA coffee. I am able to replicate cappaccino that will stand up to ANY local coffee house. I say this with confidence because it’s true, so I must share my success. The trick in my opinion is to use fresh 2% milk with a drop of light cream for absolute perfect froth.

I’m rambling… but bottom line is ILLY MOKA COFFEE is the BEST on the market!!! Get some today and you won’t be dissapointed. I also like the fact that they are in vacuum sealed 8.8 oz. cans that you can use up before they have a chance to get stale.

Happy coffee drinking!

JeanThayne, WY

Delicious coffee!

What a wonderful, smooth flavor. Amazing product used with my Bialetti Moka Express 3 Cup Espresso Maker 06799. Delicious, delicious, delicious!
LianeDavidsville, PA

Enjoy Illy Espresso Outdoors

I’ve been drinking Illy espresso for over 20 years. It’s the only brand of coffee I will drink if I have anything to say about it. Usually, I brew Illy’s whole bean medium and dark roast in my super automatic espresso maker. So what do I do when going camping?

I recommend Illy’s MOKA coffee for those espresso drinkers who want to enjoy their warm coffee while out in the wilderness. For those who do not already have a MOKA stove top coffee maker, I would highly recommend one of the Bialetii Moka Express stove top espresso makers that are sold right here on Amazon. If you like to travel light like me, you may also want to purchase an MSR Pocket Rocket stove which is also available on Amazon.

TieshaPawtucket, RI

This is the only coffee to use in your Bialetti Moka Pot!

This illy coffee is the BEST for use in the Bialetti Moka pot. Perfect moka every time! You must use the Bialetti brand with the little mustached man on the pot though! This grind has been perfected by illy to give the best result when using a moka pot. I highly recommend it! Thank you illy for creating a specific grind for this purpose.
ChristoperSummit, NY