Imagine Organic Classic Minestrone Soup, 14.5-Ounce Can

Imagine Foods was founded in the Missouri countryside by Robert Nissenbaum and a partner in 1982. A longtime advocate of natural and organic foods, Robert had previously opened Morning Dew Organic Food Market and organized the founding of the Sunshine Inn, one of the early natural foods restaurants, both in his hometown of St. Louis. Robert was an “early adapter” in understanding the links between diet, health and well-being, and our environment. In the summer of 1984 Robert and his partner took some of their products to a natural food industry trade show. That began a long adventure of moving the small company literally out of a small shop in the woods to Northern California, which Robert perceived as a Mecca for both agricultural resources and natural foods consumer awareness. Over the past 20+ years, through lots of growth and change, Imagine Foods has steadfastly maintained its commitment to making the highest quality, most delicious all-natural foods. Imagine Foods makes some of the best-selling organic and natural brands – Imagine Natural Organic Soups and Broths, Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Power Dream Soy Energy Drinks and Soy Dream Organic Frozen Desserts. In December 2002, Imagine Foods proudly joined the Hain Celestial Group family, a leading natural and organic food company. Being part of the Hain-Celestial family of outstanding brands enables Imagine Foods to maintain Robert’s commitment to bring to market even more high quality, great tasting, healthy, organic and natural food products. We appreciate your interest in our products and hope that you and your family will enjoy them for years to come.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 14.5-ounce (total of 174-ounce)
  • USDA organic
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free

Top reviews

Pretty good

This soup is nice for a snack or light meal. The broth has a tasty, light tomato flavor and the ingredients taste fresh. The noodles don’t have much flavor to me, but they are not bad.

I like Muir Glen’s Minestrone soup a little better.

LaunaLyons, OH

Horrible soup – the worst soup I’ve ever tasted. It literally tastes like vomit.

I bought a few cans of Imagine organic Minestrone soup today at Grocery outlet, brought them home and tried some for lunch. I love minestrone soup so I expected to like it.

It was horrible. It literally tasted like vomit, and I’ve been trying every since to get the taste out of my mouth. I only ate two tablespoons of it before dumping the rest out. Grocery Outlet sells “old” food, which is nearing it expiration date, but this batch doesn’t expire for another four months. I’ll be returning the rest of the ones I bought to the store, and can’t imagine buying something from this company agai.

Grocery Outlet has a large number of Imagine products on sale for $1 to $1.49 a can; I can’t help but wonder if it’s because something is wrong with them.

GranvilleFriendship, IN