Imagine Organic Country Split Pea Soup, 14.5 Ounce Can

Imagine Foods was founded in the Missouri countryside by Robert Nissenbaum and a partner in 1982. A longtime advocate of natural and organic foods, Robert had previously opened Morning Dew Organic Food Market and organized the founding of the Sunshine Inn, one of the early natural foods restaurants, both in his hometown of St. Louis. Robert was an “early adapter” in understanding the links between diet, health and well-being, and our environment. In the summer of 1984 Robert and his partner took some of their products to a natural food industry trade show. That began a long adventure of moving the small company literally out of a small shop in the woods to Northern California, which Robert perceived as a Mecca for both agricultural resources and natural foods consumer awareness. Over the past 20+ years, through lots of growth and change, Imagine Foods has steadfastly maintained its commitment to making the highest quality, most delicious all-natural foods. Imagine Foods makes some of the best-selling organic and natural brands – Imagine Natural Organic Soups and Broths, Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Power Dream Soy Energy Drinks and Soy Dream Organic Frozen Desserts. In December 2002, Imagine Foods proudly joined the Hain Celestial Group family, a leading natural and organic food company. Being part of the Hain-Celestial family of outstanding brands enables Imagine Foods to maintain Robert’s commitment to bring to market even more high quality, great tasting, healthy, organic and natural food products. We appreciate your interest in our products and hope that you and your family will enjoy them for years to come.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 14.5-ounce cans (total of 174 ounce)
  • Finest, organic vegetables, lightly simmered with fresh herbs and delicious seasonings
  • USDA certified country split pea soup

Top reviews

Amazing Soup

Just had my first…err…can…of this soup and absolutely love it. Like the other reviewer said, it is thick, full of flavor and not too watery like other pea soups. I’ll definitely be buying loads of this soup as the colder weather comes on. I did add some ground black pepper after heating it and that added a delightful zing to the experience. This is the best canned pea soup I’ve ever tasted!
AngelikaCherrylog, GA

Healthy AND Tastes Great

I tried this soup because I am on a very strict diet that does not allow me to eat any food containing gluten, corn, or potatoes. It is very hard to find things that I can have because even most soups contain some kind of starch or flour made from corn, wheat, etc.

Other split pea soups I have tried have too much of one flavor, but this one has a perfect blend of vegetables and spices. It has a very thick consistency so you get more of the actual soup instead of mostly water.

The ingredients in this split pea soup are:

Water, Organic Split Peas, Organic Carrots, Organic Onions, Organic Celery, Organic Peas, Organic Rice Flour, Sea Salt, Organic Spices.

It is a good source of protein, Vitamin A, and a VERY good source of fiber. Another good thing is that it’s fat free.

I am so glad I found this soup because it is healthy, filling, and tastes wonderful. It tastes so good that I would buy it even if I were not on a special diet.

ZadaOrwell, NY

Hearty and Delicious!

This split pea soup is nearly perfect. It is organic and gluten free. On top of that, it is so delicious, filling, and versatile. What else could I ask for? Being celiac and having multiple food allergies, it is difficult finding foods I can eat. This is one food I can eat and enjoy safely. I actually heated this up and put it on top of a baked potato for a change. It made a great topping. I also used it as a dip for crackers and chips. Even my husband who is not a fan of split pea soup ate this up and loved it. For the price with subscribe and save, it was cheaper on Amazon than in our local store.
ErrolRea, MO

Recipe Changed – Now, Too Much Starch and Potatoes

Upon receiving this pea soup, I was disappointed to learn that the recipe has been changed from the one currently listed here on Amazon. Now, cheap potatoes, rice starch and tasteless lentils have been added to the product ingredients, as additional fillers; giving the soup the consistency of a bowl of starchy mashed potatoes. I don’t mind “some” potatoes, but there are just too many spuds and starches in this “pea” soup.

If you like the consistency and flavor of thick mashed potatoes, this soup is for you.

Note that the positive reviews you are reading here apply to the product BEFORE the Recipe and Ingredients were changed for the worse!

AureliaScarsdale, NY

Over Salted!

Imagine Split Pea Soup tastes really good….but it’s LOADED with salt. One portion, half a can, has 760 mg of salt–or 32% of the daily recommended dosage. Just because it’s organic DOES NOT mean it’s good for you!
ElinoreChurch Road, VA


The sad thing is, I like the way this soup tastes. However, 1 portion–which is 1/2 a can–has 760 mg of salt, or 32% of daily! If you eat the whole can, that is 64% of daily salt!

Imagine, cut down on salt and I’ll give this soup 5 stars! Until then, I will never buy this again!

MichelineElora, TN

Tasty and robust soup

I have tried several different split pea soups but Imagine is the only one that captures the true taste of split pea, like I experienced home-made when I was a child. It’s got great taste and texture. It even has less calories than most of the competitors!
SharondaCoulee City, WA