Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth, 16 Ounce

At Imagine we’re dedicated to helping you discover a healthier way of life. We offer health-conscious people over 50 varieties of USDA certified organic soups, broths, cooking stocks, culinary simmer sauces and gravies. And when you start with the finest that nature has to offer, the result is extraordinarily delicious and nutritious! When it comes to a healthy diet, we also believe that less is more. To that end, all of our soups and broths contain no added MSG, no genetically modified organisms, and no artificial flavors, chemicals or preservatives. We’re also committed to fulfilling your special dietary needs. We offer a wide array of products that are low or light in sodium, gluten free, dairy free, kosher, and vegetarian. Enjoy…to your health!

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12, 16-ounce boxes (total of 192 ounces)
  • Certified organic by Quality Assurance International
  • No artificial ingredients, preservative free, gluten free
  • Fat free & no MSG
  • Base for soups, sauces, stews, and vegetable dishes
  • Made with chicken broth, onions, celery, carrots, sea salt, and spices
  • Perfect base for chicken soup, chicken and dumplings, and chicken marsala
  • Low fat and no added MSG
  • Gluten free
  • USDA certified organic

Top reviews

VERY disappointed–especially after buying based upon other reviews

While I don’t often post reviews, I feel compelled to for this product as it was such an incredible disappointment. I was a food writer and food editor for a number of publications for many years and am happy to invest research time into selecting the right products, especially when you are buying multiples of a single item. This broth had some excellent reviews, and I find it hard to believe that the reviewers had tasted/evaluated the same product that I purchased as the broth tasted watery with little real chicken flavor and had almost an artificial flavor to it. While it may be organic, there is none of the savory warmth most of us would associated with even a somewhat watered-down version of homemade broth. I actually found that to use it, I had to prepare a “side order” of Better Than Bouillon chicken flavor to kick in some semblance of real, hearty chicken flavor. What’s interesting is that perhaps this experience comports with a number of blind tastings of organic and free-range poultry wherein the organic and free-range birds often came up quite short on flavor as much as we all would like to think the flavor would be better from a purely philosophical perspective. When you also add in the price premium, I would say this is not a product that I would recommend at all.
TerryWinters, CA

too small of a box

Love the broth, but didn’t realize it was the small boxes. I use broth all the time and next time will look for the bigger boxes.
DeedraHaxtun, CO

next best thing to homemade

Imagine Chicken broth is as close to homemade stock as I can find. Cooks Illustrated rates it very high also. My only complaint is I am unable to get it in a larger size. A 1 Qt. box would be nice.
Having family members with MSG allergies is what prompted me to start making my own stock. Slowly I started finding stocks/broths with no MSG added but the taste was not always true. I re-order this often so I can always have it on hand in my pantry.
AlexisPrentice, WI

Great soup starter

Love this broth because it’s a good tasting healthy one which I love to use when I am making soups. Better than using water even in chicken soup.
SorayaOzan, AR

Most Excellent amazing organic chichen Broth avaliable. 2012 and still the best staple for our house.

Imagine Free Range Chicken Broth, Organic, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
Best tasting chicken broth, that I have ever tried. Organic and msg free. Great by itself. Will keep this on the shelf. 2012 and still our staple go to chicken broth. Makes amazing dumplins and dressing.
RhettImlaystown, NJ

Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth,

Great broth is low in sodium and healthy heart. We use it all the time. I would highly recommend this product.
YiBerkshire, MA

Great for soups and stews but need larger size

I buy this Imagine brand or Kroger’s Naturally Preferred brand organic free range chicken broth which is exactly the same thing (depending on which is on sale) at my local Kroger store in quart size containers – 32 oz. I wish Amazon stocked it in 32 oz. containers at a competitive price. A 16 oz. container would never do for us.

It is absolutely wonderful for soups of any kind, from chicken noodle with veggies added to vegetable soup to bean soup or whatever. Since we do not eat beef or pork I use this broth as the base of everything that needs broth. I also use small quantities of it to ‘quick saute’ veggies, per the recommendation on and it works as well as oils which break down when heated.

Heated in a pan by itself it is not so good. However, since we don’t eat “plain” anything, in my opinion this is THE best broth with no potato starch, bad oils or MSG.

AlbinaLajas, PR


this is delicious! we go through it quickly at our house. it’s a staple in my pantry and i panic when we are running low. get it!
KristinaMccall, ID

good flavor

As I make a lot of soups during the winter months I like having these extra boxes of broth on my shelves-just add you meat and veggies with the broth and let it stew for a few hours in your crock-pot or on the stove, put bread on the table and there it is, a yummy tasty meal thats good for you! so many snow days to enjoy soup/stew and not having to worry that you forgot/forget the broth when you go to th store.
AshlyKanawha Falls, WV

Good product!

For those occasions when you need to cook in a hurry, it works wonderful for me. The ingredients are good, too. No hidden added msg.
ReneMiddle River, MN