Imagine Organic Soup, Chicken & Wild Rice, 14.5 Ounce

At Imagine we’re dedicated to helping you discover a healthier way of life. We offer health-conscious people over 50 varieties of USDA certified organic soups, broths, cooking stocks, culinary simmer sauces and gravies. And when you start with the finest that nature has to offer, the result is extraordinarily delicious and nutritious! When it comes to a healthy diet, we also believe that less is more. To that end, all of our soups and broths contain no added MSG, no genetically modified organisms, and no artificial flavors, chemicals or preservatives. We’re also committed to fulfilling your special dietary needs. We offer a wide array of products that are low or light in sodium, gluten free, dairy free, kosher, and vegetarian. Enjoy…to your health!

Quick facts

  • Made with chicken, wild rice, and vegetables
  • Rich, savory, and delicious
  • Great option for a quick lunch or dinner
  • All natural with no artificial ingredients
  • USDA certified organic

Top reviews

Chicken water

This soup has a few shreds of chicken meat in each can- hardly “chunks” as the label proclaims. Also, the bulk of the soup only takes up about a fifth of the can and the broth tastes like mildly salinated water. Organic or not, this soup is a total rip-off.
CapriceSudan, TX

I love it

I agree with the previous reviewer in that the soup doesn’t have as much chicken as you would think by looking at the label, but I really like it. It has a nice mild flavor, and the rice is great.
NedraNewbern, AL

It’s a good deal

The taste is very good. I do agree with another reviewer that there is too much water. The price for the quality is still a really good deal. I will be buying this a lot more in the future.
LeoHolliston, MA