Imagine Soup Free Range Chicken Broth Low Sodium, 32-Ounce

At Imagine Foods, we make some of the best-selling organic and natural Soups, Broths, Stocks and Gravy. For the past quarter century, we’ve made a practice of taking soups and broths to the next level. Our goal is to inspire you in deliciously simple ways… to help you create extraordinary, healthful meals every day. So allow your imagination to flow – and see what happens when you let our garden-fresh taste, rich textures and distinctive flavors be your guide.

Quick facts

  • Made from free range chicken, fresh organic vegetables and a tantalizing blend of distinctive herbs and spices, you won’t miss the sodium at all.

Top reviews

Best Store-Bought Chicken Broth

I had used many different brands of chicken broth before I discovered Imagine Organic Low Sodium Chicken Broth. There is no comparison between this one and other brands. Imagine’s broth is a rich, natural yellow color, slightly thicker than other brands, and full of real chicken flavor. I love that it is organic and contains no msg. I also love that I can buy it with low sodium content, which allows me to use just the amount of salt I prefer in the soups and gravies I make. This is the next best thing to making your own homemade, slow-cooked chicken broth.
DonteHunker, PA

Excellent chicken broth.

An excellent chicken broth for cooking. Because it is low salt it doesn’t result in excessively salty results when used instead of water to prepare packaged products such as potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.
ProvidenciaFisty, KY