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Silver Floss Sauerkraut Barrel Cured – 24 Pack Choose Silver Floss Traditional style sauerkraut for a tart and tangy taste. Use as condiment, side dish or a main meal of classic sauerkraut and pork, the quality and freshness will win approving smiles from everyone at the table. Cabbage, water, salt View Nutrition Fact

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you’ve just got to say, hot dog! this product goes well with a grill and a sunday afternoon.i open a can and apply it to my food on the table. a little salt and pepper and your in in business. good stuff.
LondaMaurepas, LA

world’s best kraut

Silver Floss is definitely the world’s BEST sauerkraut! I first tasted it at a little hot dog stand in LaGrange Georgia (they have the world’s best hot dogs there). I liked the kraut so much I broke down and ordered a case of it in June, and I’ve already eaten half of it. I’ve eaten it with hot dogs, brats,and ribs, but I’ve eaten a lot of it by itself. It’s great cold, but heating it makes it even better.
GlynisHobbs, NM