Inca Kola, 6/12 oz.

Inca Kola Single serving of caffeine-rich, golden Inca Kola soda. (Inka Cola) Inca Kola is an enormously popular drink in Peru. It smells and tastes quite a bit like Bubble Yum bubble gum, and has a sugar content surpassing Mountain Dew. It also possesses that highly valued yellow color.It is an essential part of any trip to Peruvian shores.

Quick facts

  • Inca Kola is a lemon verbena-flavored soft drink with a sweet fruity flavor
  • Inca Kola is yellowish-gold in color, and sold in glass and plastic bottles of various sizes
  • Inca Kola is a very successful cola soft drink made in Peru

Top reviews

multi-national beverage anyone?

come on now, eight bucks?
It’s ok, but now just another victim of the cola giant juggernaut.
was better before… really eight bucks. save your money…go there and have one if you must..beautiful country and people.
AmmieBig Pine Key, FL

Cream Soda

While the taste isn’t in any way bad, it’s also nothing really new. Inca Cola is basically just cream soda. There are hints of another flavor, but it’s tiny and I couldn’t always place it so it may just be me desperately searching for something that isn’t there.

It’s cheap enough though, so if you’re interested then give it a shot.

SirenaMorland, KS


I spent a week in Peru with my grandmother as a part of my high school graduation present. I fell IN LOVE with Inca Kola. I spent the last of my money buying out the corner store’s supply of it just so that i could take it home and rashen it out over weeks, but sadly the last one was drank and I’m still craving more!!
JuniorMountain Pine, AR

According to my husband

This is “better than the best” of sodas. He spent two years in Peru, fell in love with this soda, and now I can buy him some so he won’t miss Peru!
EmmaMaynard, MN

This beverage is not from Mexico!

Inca Kola is one of the best sodas you can drink, you get addicted to it and it’s NOT from Mexico, amazon should fix the product information. Inka Kola is a drink from Peru.
MellisaGrinnell, KS

Inca Kola from MexGrocer

Amazingly fast delivery. Product is excellent, but that was expected. 6-pack of canned cola, no damage, perfect condition. Service/delivery was most impressive about this transaction. Got my order within 3 days.
TyraPennsylvania Furnace, PA

good soda

My daughter was in Peru on a mission trip this last summer and loved their Inca Kola. So for Christmas I decided to order her some. We all had some and liked it as well. It has a bubblegum/cream soda flavor. Different! But the price and shipping terribly high.
DawnaArapaho, OK

Best non alcoholic drink ever

I had this in 2003 in Peru, and have been wanting more since I got back. It’s easily the best cola on Earth.
AlphaNew Albany, IN

Good buy

My brother loved it while visiting Peru, so naturally I had to get this for his birthday. It was his favorite gift!
KristanPrineville, OR

Like I remember

I grew up with Inca Kola… I was born in Peru. We moved to the US when I was a kid. When I found this at MexGrocer…. I ordered four liters! Yum! I think it’s the best!
NubiaFrenchtown, MT

My son was soooo happy!

After a mission trip to Peru, my son was unable to find this in Houston. Imagine his surprise when I had it here for him when he came home from school! It tastes like cream soda to me, but he loves it!! It arrived quickly, packaged well. Thanks again Amazon!
JosephinaClarinda, IA

Gotta get my FIX!

I can’t get enough of this stuff. Latin Products is about the only place I could find that could ship my Inca Kola to me. They were prompt with my order but I did have to wash my cans before drinking. (Rather sticky). North America doesn’t know what they’re missing out on! Bring Inca Kola to the US!!!
KarieBreckenridge, TX

not a soda drinker

I came across this soda entirely by accident when I went out with some friends to a Peruvian restaurant. They didn’t have much to offer for beverages and even though I normally don’t drink soda I decided to give this Peruvian favorite a try. I liked it! It reminded me of cream soda with a hint of lime and very carbonated. I can’t beleive that I ordered a six pack off of Amazon but I wanted to introduce it to some family members. Instead, when it arrived I stashed it away and lovingly and selfishly enjoyed each can until it was gone!
IndiaClancy, MT

Inka Kola

Inka Kola is the favorite beverage of Peru. When Coca-Cola tried to compete against it and couldn’t win, they bought Inka Kola. It’s still the same though. I wish they also offered Diet Inka Kola.
JolandaWinston, KY