India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar, 2.8 lb

INDIA TREE Dark Muscovado has a fine, moist texture, a high molasses content and a strong, lingering flavor that goes well with other rich flavors such as gingerbread, coffee, chocolate cakes and fudge. Use INDIA TREE Dark Muscovado in recipes calling for dark brown sugar.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 2.8-pound jars (total of 5.6-pounds)
  • Has a fine, moist texture, a high molasses content
  • Retains much of the flavor of the cane

Top reviews

Refined Sugar!! Molasses!! Carnauba Wax!! Save Your Money, Honey!!

I bought this because it sounded like a less-refined sugar (such as Rapadura, which is granular rather than crystalline). I would have given this one star except I see, looking at the description, that it does say on the product page that the ingredients are “Cane sugar crystals and food grade carnauba wax”. Had I noticed this ahead of time I wouldn’t have ordered it – food grade carnauba wax?? YUM!!! And I don’t think there’s any way to get crystals from sugar cane other than by refining it the same way white cane table sugar is refined, and then adding molasses back in.

As far as the flavor and texture, which previous reviewers found so remarkable – to me it tastes exactly like dark brown sugar from the supermarket, and has a similar texture, but with a burned-molasses aftertaste that stayed with me for hours, even after I ate an apple to try and get rid of it – that’s the “strong,lingering flavor” that the description mentions, I guess. Actually, when you think about it, that’s what sugar cane grown in volcanic ash WOULD taste like. Also I got the same “cattle prod to the brain” – type jolt from this stuff that I used to get from refined white or brown sugar, which I no longer eat.

So since I’m going to immediately give this away to friends who still eat refined sugar, I can’t speak to how this would work in barbecue or brownies or any of the other things mentioned in the other reviews. I was going to try some of it in coffee, just to be fair, and to see if the aftertaste problem was less intense that way, however I can’t re-open the jar! It was almost impossible to open the first time – I had to bang the edge of the lid on the countertop multiple times and then run hot water over it – but I thought it would be easier to open after that, since I didn’t tighten the lid down hard when I replaced it. I don’t usually have problems opening jars, so I don’t know, maybe it’s made this way on purpose to keep the contents fresh or something. If I were going to keep this for myself, the only way I could get it open at this point would be to slice into the plastic container with a serrated bread knife – not the safest way to open a jar.

The two 2.8 lb. jars were $28.00, I think, and thank Heaven I got free shipping, however I could have gotten an equivalent amount of dark brown sugar at the grocery store for less than $10.00, if that’s what I had wanted. So I hate to go against some of the other really quite lyrical reviews of this stuff, but to me it’s just incredibly expensive, funny-tasting, impossible-to-open brown sugar.

OpalEdgerton, OH

Tastes burnt

I did not care for this product at all. I was expecting more of a Demerara sugar taste and this is WAY more intense. Tried to use it in iced tea – taste burnt. PLUS – beware – you can’t return it. It is a grocery item on Amazon and they won’t accept returns. I’d find some somewhere to try before buying these big containers. I used one cup and hated it and then had to just give it away.
TynishaIndustry, PA

Best sugar ever!

I discovered this India Tree dark Muscovado sugar on a trip to D.C. a couple of years ago and became hooked. Unfortunately, the few pounds that I bought soon disappeared and I searched everywhere for more Muscovado. Nothing I tried compared to the India Tree sugar. We live in rural Wyoming, where gourmet food stores are fairly non-existant. Finally, I did a Google search, found India Tree Dark on Amazon and now I get my fix 5.5 lbs. at a time. This is the best sugar you will ever taste – hints of caramel and spices, slightly salty undertones, uneven and lumpy texture with delicious dark chunks heavy with molasses. Excellent with gourmet coffee, over fruit, etc. I brew beer as well, and this sugar is my “secret ingredient”.
MarvinSouth Lyon, MI

Much Better Than “Brown Sugar”

I use this instead of traditional brown sugar. The flavor is rich and natural. You really need a side-by-side taste comparison and you will never go back to the grocery store for brown sugar.

This is one of the main ingredients in my rib rub and barbecue sauce. The most common response to my ribs is, “These are the best ribs I ever tasted!”

Use it in other cooking as a direct replacement in recipes.

BernardaToano, VA

EXCELLENT for taste and flavor

The deep rich maple flavor comes through and you don’t have to use as much to achieve these results. Puts a twist on a cup of java, and oatmeal cookies ! Wait until you make the Muscovado Sugar ice cream at home. Highly recommended for taste.
DinorahCoarsegold, CA

Worlds’ best brown sugar

If you are looking for an excellent dark sugar, give this stuff a try. We use it for our homemade bbq sauce and it is just right. Slightly moist, rich deep flavor. I would describe it as EXTRA dark brown sugar.
LarraineWalhonding, OH

Outstanding Dark Brown Sugar

This is the way dark brown sugar is supposed to taste. Many, Many years ago the stores used to carry dark brown sugar like this. The dark brown sugar in the grocery stores today is more like light brown sugar. The dark Muscovado sugar gives my baked goods the taste of our grandmother’s baked goods. Compare using store bought dark brown sugar in your chocolate chip cookies and using Dark Muscovado brown sugar. A blind taste test will tell you that the cookie with the dark muscovado is richer and more flavorful. I love this sugar and recommend it for all baking. It tastes great in hot tea and coffee as well.
HelaineHesperia, CA

Worth Trying

I purchased this sugar (the dark) to try in a recipe for flan. I’d have to say this is one of those ingredients that will take your recipe to another level.
I also tried it in a chocolate chip cookie recipe which provided a moist tender, can’t put your finger on it and not overly sweet taste.
My daughter did not care for the flavor in the flan she indicated it tasted like syrup.
I’d say it is somewhat of an acquired taste and a little pricey for sugar. But, well worth it!
AlonaWheeler, MS

Best sugar ever!

I bought this to make Butterscotch Pots DeCreme. It was divine! Better yet, I’ll use Dark Muscovado sugar in every recipe that calls for brown sugar. The flavor is far superior. A little spendy but worth the extra.
RosiaRogers, OH

hubby loves it

I previously bought the smaller packaging India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar, 1 lb (Pack of 4) which I already reviewed.

Hubby likes it in his coffee. And it works great in baked goods, making them very rich and decadent even when using only 2/3 – 3/4 of the sugar a recipe calls for.

This packaging was a better value when I went to reorder, so we got it. It’s just as good.

VioletChannahon, IL


Great for sweetening coffee and oatmeal. I have found many amazing things to do with muscovado sugar and I will never go back to artificial sweeteners again!!

Another one I constantly use is the brand called EL MAESTRO and I usually buy it on ebay. It has a pure, strong molasses taste much that I absolutely love. I believe its imported from the Philippines where they specialize in that. Don’t get me wrong, both El Maestro and India Tree are amazing products!!

But yeah, you can’t compare muscovado sugar to any other sugars out there. Perfect with any recipe, especially coffee and tea… and marinating meats!

ShirleeBrooktondale, NY

The BEST sugar on the planet!

This is the best sugar you can buy! The taste is earthy, the aroma of molasses. When you make a 1 to 1 by volume sugar syrup, it will have the color of coffee!
LyndiaButler, IL

High molasses and strong flavor

Dark Muscovado has a fine, moist and somewhat sticky texture and is rich and dark with a high molasses content and a strong flavor that I love to have in coffee and pretty much everything else that you would use brown sugar in. Muscovado is made from pressed sugar cane juice and is probably much like eating white refined sugar as far as the health benefits are concerned so despite its taste and dark good looks, it is still concentrated glucose and fructose. But if you are going to eat sugar it might as well taste this good.
GenaPhelps, NY

Quality Product

The India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar arrived on time and it was exactly as described; excellent quality! Great buy and perfect for specialty cooking!
VivienErick, OK

Dark Brown Sugar

Not the light brown stuff, the dark brown stuff and so good in my breve latte.
YuetteNorth Garden, VA

Amazon Dark Muscovado Sugar

I discovered this sugar a few years ago and simply love it. It has a much deeper, richer flavor than regular brown sugar. This was also a great buy. I love it.
JeannieLaurel, MD


This sugar is so good its ridiculous. I have to pretend like its not in my kitchen sometimes. Its reminds me of biting into a really pungent ginger snap.
HalPoynette, WI