India Tree India Tree Silver Dragees

These India Tree Silver Dragees are the perfect way to add an elegant touch of decoration to your cakes, cookies and even cupcakes. For decoration only. 3.3 ounces. Cannot ship to California.

Quick facts

  • Net weight 3.3-ounces
  • Used to decorate cakes and cookies
  • Imported from France

Top reviews

Great look and texture

I remember dragees from my childhood, but these have a much better texture. Instead of the mini jawbreakers I remember, these provided a nice satisfying crunch that I would describe as being more like the texture of a miniature M&M Peanut (minus the peanut, of course). Plus, they look every bit as beautiful as I remembered–brilliant, shining silver. A really gorgeous, classy touch for decorating iced cakes, cookies and cupcakes.
EloiseGering, NE