India Tree Tellicherry Pepper, 2 lb

Black pepper is the berry of an evergreen vine native to India. The berries, growing in long clusters, are harvested while they are still green, then sun-dried until they shrivel and turn brownish-black. Pepper is the king of spices. It was one of the first spices to be traded in the ancient world and is the most traded spice in the world today. For a very long time, the best pepper was grown along the Malabar Coast of India and shipped from the port of Tellicherry. Today premium pepper may come from other parts of Southeast Asia as well, but the premium grade for all black pepper is still called Tellicherry. Tellicherry peppercorns are the largest, the plumpest, the most pungent and the most aromatic of all black peppers. Use INDIA TREE Tellicherry Pepper to flavor both savory and sweet dishes, especially those made with berries and other fruits.

Quick facts

  • India Tree Tellicherry Pepper contains 2 pound
  • India Tree Tellicherry Peppercorns are the largest, the darkest, the most consistent in quality
  • Use with India Tree specialty salts
  • Black peppercorns from Tellicherry, India have always been considered the very best

Top reviews

Excellent Product…Poor Price

I happened to be shopping at Costco yesterday and picked up their “Kirkland” Brand of Tellicherry peppercorns. The price?…$3.59 for a 14.1 oz. bottle. My wife and I performed a taste test between Costco’s brand and India Tree’s brand and neither of us could tell the two apart. Given that the Costco brand offers a far greater value for, essentially, the same taste sensation as India Tree, my wife and I will not be purchasing India Tree peppercorns again. FYI, I have no association with Costco other than as a consumer. I hope this helps!
CatarinaBuckley, IL

Best Buy

The 2.3 lb jar is the best buy I have seen for the Tellicherry Pepper.
DaniellBono, AR

THE PEPPER…The pepper of all peppercorns!!!

For those who, like myself, were thinking that pepper was pepper was pepper, well let me tell you, it’s not true. Being something of an amateur gourmet I tried every marinade,spice, and rub under the sun for ribeyes, New York strips, filet mignon, etc., and I even tried your average salt and pepper, and it was all okay, but not a knockout. Then I tried Tellicherry Pepper and Sea Salt, all freshly-ground in my handy-dandy Graviti battery-powered peppermill (also something “you gotta love”!) Trudeau Graviti Black Pepper Mill Suddenly salt and pepper were once again the best things ever on a piece of meat. So simple, and this Tellicherry Pepper is what did it. TRY IT!!!!!!
AdaBeaver Falls, PA

Cheap but superb pepper

Tellicherry Pepper at this price is remarkable. The product is excellent, if a little difficult to pour from the large “mouth” into a small grinder. Otherwise, great!
LorettaRuby, SC

Wonderful flavor

Steaks, soups, and all other expensive and carefully prepared food deserve the best ingredients and condiments. Regarding pepper, our family strongly favors coarsely ground peppercorns. I am inclined to India Tree brand Tellicherry because: they are as close to the source as one can find; they offer very economical packaging; there is nothing but peppercorns in the package (what is in ground pepper?); there is absolutely no unknown “sediment” at the bottom of the container; they are solely committed to supplying these peppercorns; and they have provided a most memorable enhancement of fine food. Note that white tellicherry peppercorns are nothing but black peppercorns with the very tasty and pungent black husk removed. To me, mixing black and white Tellicherry is merely dilution of the essential flavor.
LarondaHaydenville, MA

Like Discovering Fresh Ground Pepper All Over Again

This is my first time buying Tellicherry peppercorns and I am impressed!

I loaded up my new Unicorn Magnum Plus with these peppercorns, ground some on various foods, and WOW! It’s like I’m discovering the joys of fresh-cracked pepper for the first time all over again. I can’t wait to season some nice thick steaks with this.

The flavor is very bold compared to the McCormick peppercorns I had been using. And from what I gather, this is a great price for Tellicherry peppercorns.

My only concern is that it will take me and my wife a _long_ time to go through two pounds of this stuff. I actually purchased the two 1-Pound Bags instead of the one big glass jar. At the time I purchased, that was actually a little bit cheaper by ounce. Also, it comes in two packages, and the unopened one seems to be sealed well. Still, I plan on vacuum packing the packages between refills to help keep the flavor fresh.

I can tell you this: I’ll never again buy cheap pepper.

BrianaWeston, NE

Great Pepper at a Reasonable Price

After trying to find whole peppercorns in bulk in grocery markets at anything but outrageous prices, Amazon came through with a reasonable price. Peppercorns are no longer inexpensive, but at least with Amazon, one doesn’t have to feel ripped off.India Tree Tellicherry Pepper, 2.3 lb
OleneStapleton, AL

This is the secret spice of KFC chicken

Telicherry pepper is one of the 2 less common secret spices of KFC chicken (the other being Jamaican ginger). This gives chicken that unique aftertaste specific to KFC. This is a must-have for your pantry.
MonetWest Tremont, ME

Great price for the most highly regarded peppercorns

Any professional or amateur chef worth his/her salt would not consider using any other black pepper for most applications than Tellicherry pepper the people from the town Tellichery are very dedicated and proud of their production of the worlds finest Black peppercorns I have spoken to an enthusiastic native, This the best price I have found
DeneenTroutdale, OR

India Tree Tellicherry Pepper

This is a great product for the home cook. The pepper is spicy and delicious. It adds another dimension to your dishes. I order it twice a year and usually end up sharing some with friends because it is so good. I wouldn’t buy any other pepper.
MellissaMyrtle Creek, OR

Wonderful pepper

This is a great bargain and the ONLY pepper that should ever be used in a household! Love it! The aroma is also wonderful!
VedaLightfoot, VA

Good Pepper

This is the best pepper that I have had. It has good spice and great flavor. We enjoy it on everything. Only problem is that we have to refill our pepper grinder too often and we have 12″ grinders!
Highly recommended.
JanellaHaslet, TX

Tellicherry is the best pepper I have tried

My order was delivered promptly and we are very happy with the quality of these peppercorns! We do alot of gourmet cooking and these peppercorns are so fragrant and enhance every dish we make. We will certainly buy our pepper from this site from now on as the quality and the price are both excellent!! Try them… you will not be dissappointed!!!
ZinaTannersville, VA