Indianlife Masala Peas, 7-Ounce Pouches

This is our second most popular snack mix product. It is fried crunchy green peas covered with hot red chili and garlic

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, 7 ounce pouch (total of 56 ounce)
  • All natural Spices
  • No artificial flavors; Cholesterol free

Top reviews

Great Tasty Healthy Snack

Just discovered this great-tasting healthy crunchy snack & recommend it to anyone who wants a tasty addition to their veggie/beans/peas/legumes options. For this recently diagnosed Diabetic, it’s perfect – ingredients list is short & recognizable with no added sugars, carbs are only what naturally occurs in the peas, & a just-right hot spice blend of garlic & peppers. The 1st green peas I’ve ever loved! Even more impressive, my health-food-resistant pre-teen agrees.
XeniaOdd, WV