Indo Mie – Mi Goreng – BBQ Chicken Instant Noodles

Indo Mie – Mi Goreng – BBQ Chicken Instant Noodles

Quick facts

  • Indo Mie – Mi Goreng – BBQ Chicken Instant Noodles
  • Easy to Make Indonesian Instant Noodles
  • Product of Indonesia
  • Net Wt. 3 Oz. (85g)

Top reviews

yummy, probably Indo mie mi Goreng’s best flavor…

The BBQ Chicken Mi Goreng flavor packs on the heat…and just right for those who like their food on the intense side. It has lots of packets of flavor including a spicy chili oil and soy sauce and some msg-powdered seasoning and hot chili powder and even dehydrated fried onions as garnish.

It is subtly sweet and the spicy-heat just hits you in every bite and the flavors all merge into deliciousness. This is a flavor unlike any asian bistro cooking, and yet, it’s so-oooooooooooo so, so good.

I must admit that I have often wanted to find other flavors that were just as tasty and spicy and have only found 1 that is nearly as tasty but it’s not a similar sweet-n-hot-savory, it’s got heat but it’s very different. (see my other ramen noodle review)

PattiSaint David, ME


I bought these noodles for my boyfriend because he absolutely loves ramen noodles and he LOVES these noodles. He says they have the perfect blend of spices and sweetness and that they are amazing. They were shipped to me very quickly and they were in great shape when I got them. If you like instant noodles then I highly recommend trying these noodles because they are fully worth your money.
LoiseEbensburg, PA