Ineeka Whole Leaf Organic Tea, Balance – Chamomile, 0.79-Ounce Tin

Whole Leaf Pre-Measured Brew Tache. Balance of spirit through nature – Calming and relaxing, these hand-picked flowers speak of serenity that soothes the body and soul. Rekindle your spirit – Perfect for a relaxing end to a long day, these beautiful and gentle whole flowers invoke a feeling of renewal. Each Brew Tache – an individual infuser – contains premeasured whole leaves for a cup of tea. Your cup, hot water and a willing palate are all that is needed for this superlative experience. Eliminate pots, strainers and cleanup for a whole leaf tea masterpiece. Certified organic by CCOF as per USDA NOP and IFOAM International Standards.

Quick facts

  • Perfect for a Relaxing End To a Long Day, these Beautiful and Gentle Whole Flowers Invoke a Feeling of Renewal.
  • Ineeka is an Environmentally and Socially Responsible Producer of 100% Organic, Whole Leaf Teas (Grown At Its Own Family Farms) Delivered within an Innovative Single Serve Delivery System.
  • Each Brew Taché¿an Individual Infuser¿Contains Premeasured Whole Leaves for a Cup of Tea.
  • Your Cup, Hot Water and a Willing Palate are all That Is Needed for this Superlative Experience. Eliminate Pots, Strainers and Cleanup for a Whole Leaf Tea Masterpiece
  • Calming and Relaxing, these Hand-Plucked Flowers Speak of Serenity That Soothes the Body and Soul

Top reviews

This tea made me a “Tea Drinker”

A rather sophisticated beautiful ex-model friend of mine gave me some of this tea as a gift. Each serving has a little cardboard/paper infuser that you open and set on the lip of the cup and pour hot water through. Sometime I will use a couple pieces of tape to hold it on larger cups. The technique is unusual and adds to the whole experience. The tea is great… mellow… smooth with a kind of “thickness” in fluid serface tension. I almost gave up coffee drinking this stuff and my wife has to ration it out to me or I will drink them one after another… only a “special treat” she says. Argggggh…. out of it and back to coffee… Love coffee… but you just got to try this!! Makes a great gift too… nice metal container that reminds me of a bank vault. I think this tea won a prize at a food show for “Best Beverage” if I remember correctly.
MyrleCarrollton, MO

Simply Lovely!

I love everything about this product. This may sound odd, but the packaging and presentation actually enriches the whole experience.

It truly is the best chamomile tea I’ve ever had.

JenniWoronoco, MA

Chamomile is Not Whole.

I purchased this brand because it was one of very few Organic whole leaf Chamomile teas Amazon carries that appeared to be good quality. The packaging and bags themselves are wasteful, especially given how few tea bags there are. There is just too much going on with the design of these bags and they dont even stay on your cup well when pouring water. I also wonder about the glue they are using to attach the paperboard holders to the tea bags. The tea bags come flattened out in the tin box, crushing all the chamomile flowers inside. I think I will stick to Traditional Medicinals brand for now, at least the design is more practical and the box can be put in the compost, even though they are not whole. These are for the infrequent tea drinker.
GenevieShalimar, FL


A little over a year and a half ago I became obsessed with tea. I have tried every organic (and even some of the well-reputed non-organic brands) tea that I’ve been able to obtain. Now that the tasting spree is over, Ineeka is what I drink.

This chamomile tea has the best and most pure flavor of any I’ve come across. It has a depth that is amazing.

Contrary to someone else’s review of this product: Ineeka’s Whole Leaf teas *are* whole leaf. I’ve never received any smashed product. And if you don’t like the air-tight tin box that it comes in that is absolutely perfect for storing tea in (and gorgeous enough to leave on your counter), then order the refills sans the tin off the mfg’s website instead. The tea bags aren’t any more wasteful than any other tea bag in existence, and they work flawlessly on a myriad of tea cups and even the thick double-walled glasses that I use daily. If you prefer, you can purchase the tea without the teabags, they also sell it loose.

I drink Ineeka tea all day long (the green, chamomile and mint). I drink more tea now that I don’t have to mess around with a tea ball or tea steeper. They also make a little 2 qty tea bag tin that is awesome for carrying in one’s bag for those times when you find yourself with hot water but no quality tea (gas stations, cafes, etc).

This is absolutely fabulous organic whole leaf tea from a very socially responsible company.

JimmieDeal Island, MD


I buy this for my husband and he says it is the best chamomile he’s ever had and he’s tried ’em all!
He loves it!
CandelariaKingston, IL

Great tea!

Love the flavor and ease of use of this tea! We drink it every night before going to bed and it really helps us have a restful night!
TennieRosston, OK