Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard, 10.25-Ounce Squeezable Bottles

Inglehoffer® Sweet Hot Mustard with Honey. Gold medal winner – Napa Valley World mustard championships.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 10.25-ounce bottles of mustard (total of 61.5 ounces)
  • Sweet, hot flavor seasoned with honey, balsamic vinegar, and zesty spices
  • Gold-medal winner (Napa Valley World Mustard Championships)
  • Convenient, squeezable bottle
  • Specialty condiments produced in Oregon since 1929

Top reviews

spicy not sweet

Bought this mustard because I hoped it would taste like Johnsonville Mustard Sweet N’ Hot which I can’t find anywhere. This mustard is not at all sweet, and the hot part of it tastes like pure horseradish. Even though I like horseradish and I like mustard, I am disappointed that this “Sweet Hot” mustard isn’t sweet in the very least. Too hot/spicy to spread on crackers for cheese and cracker snacks (overpowers the taste of the cheese completely), and makes my son gag. He likes sweet mustards, but this mustard is not sweet.
WalterChautauqua, KS

Mustard Review

This mustard is excellent. The sweet comes first and then it gets warmer. It is not a really hot mustard but has a great flavor with a definite bit of heat.
RobbinDyer, TN

Shotgun Mustard

For the longest time I’ve hated mustard with a passion, and I’ve decided to give it a shot again. Today I bought a bottle of Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard and some pretzels and I am loving it. The stuff kicks like a shotgun. It’s great!
CheriseDanville, ME

I love this stuff!!!!

I love this mustard and the price is great!!!
The only issue I have is the fact that you don’t know the expiration date until you receive it.
I would like to know of when it expires before I buy it, rather than taking a chance on whether I get old stock or not.

In spite of this, I would be willing to make this purchase again

…..thank you Amazon

BrigitteGeorgetown, FL

Mustard review

This mustard is absolutely amazing!! Have been using it for years and now not one grocery store anywhere near me sells it. I am so excited that I have found it on Amazon. Thanks
AgustinaDevol, OK

Love this stuff, cheap in bulk

A friend of mine first got me hooked on this when he had a sausage and cheese plate at a party. I have always liked “Honeycup” brand mustard, but it was a little bit too thick for my tastes. This was a great compromise, and has a really strong kick but isn’t burning hot. I can go through a bottle a month, so it got expensive, but buying six like this cut a good percentage off of it. Great deal!
CleoRussellville, AL

Exellent mustard.

It is my favorite mustard and this is the best price… but you need to buy pack of 6.
It is enough for 1-2 months… if eating this mustard instead of potatoes. 🙂
JocelynRhinelander, WI

Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard

Pretty good stuff…tastes ALOT like the mustard you get in chinease restaurants. Except it has an underlying honey taste to it.
FlorrieCrystal Falls, MI

This mustard is the best ever !!!

Try this mustard on some smoked sausage in a hot dog bun or on some summer sausage thinly sliced with cheese spread on good crackers….this mustard is great !!!!!
SherieJasper, TX