Innova HealthBars – Large – 4 lb

Innova HealthBars include wholesome and nutritious ingredients from each of the five basic food groups – meat, dairy, vegetable, fruit and grain. Innova HealthBars incorporate lean turkey and chicken, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit along with whole ground grains to create a dog treat with nutritional benefits. Innova HealthBars are baked at low temperatures to ensure a more uniform and evenly baked treat. This gentle processing protects heat-sensitive nutrients and maximizes the intensity of the turkey and chicken flavors. We then seal in the freshness and flavor in re-sealable, oxygen-barrier bags to lock in the “fresh-baked” flavor and goodness. Made with healthful ingredients from all five food groups Rich in important fatty acids Naturally Preserved

Quick facts

  • First baked treats to incorporate lean meats, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit along with whole ground grains.
  • Wholesome and nutritious ingredients from the five food groups.
  • Nutrient packed daily treat.
  • Each bar contains a full complement of essential vitamins and chelated minerals, plus essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Preserved with natural vitamin E.

Top reviews

Love Em

The Shelties and the Collies sit quietly and when they see the bag they go crazy….they just love these Innova Treats.
LoanTracy, MN

great large treat!

My dog loves these because they are food. I love them because they have no beef, which my dog is allergic to. Best of all, these fit well into kongs. Many dog treats seem to have shrunk in the last year, which defeats the purpose of the kong. These are a winner, and all natural.
VasilikiFairfield, NE