Insta – Instant Elaichi [Cardamom] Chai Tea Pre-mix [Misc.]

Insta – Instant Elaichi [Cardamom] Chai Tea Pre-mix. Just add hot water to the mix and enjoy!

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  • Insta – Instant Elaichi [Cardamom] Chai Tea Pre-mix

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Excellent tea!

This tea tastes almost as good as the tea you would get at an Indian restaurant. It’s much better than getting a teabag and making it the English way, with a lot of water and a bit of milk. This is very creamy and tasty. My only criticism is that there aren’t enough sachets in the box. Only 10. Since the directions say that you use one sachet for 100ml of water (approximately half a cup), it’s not enough for a good cup of tea, so I use two. That means that one box is only good enough for five cups of tea. But it’s a delicious after-dinner drink! I would buy this again if there were more sachets in a box.
CyrstalRoyse City, TX