Instant Ginger Honey Crystals Pack of 30 Bags – 18 g Sachets – 3 Pack

Prince of Peace® brings you all the natural benefits of Ginger and Honey in our special proprietary blend of Instant Ginger honey Crystals. Each bag contains concentrated extract from 12 grams of raw ginger which is the base for the appealing aroma and exquisitely smooth taste. Instant soluble, convenient, and has no artificial additives. You’ll love this natural sweet and spicy flavor!

Quick facts

  • Each bag contains concentrated extract from 12 grams of raw ginger
  • Aids digestion and temporary nausea
  • Make instant hot or cold beverages
  • Instant soluble, convenient, and has no artificial additives

Top reviews

Not Very Good

I got this because I am pregnant and experiencing nausea. I had never had anything like this, so I was not aware of what it would be like. I did read the reviews and most people seemed to really like this product, so I gave it a try. I did not like it! It is very spicy, which to me did not seem fitting for a drink. I was only able to get down half a glass of this. If you are pregnant and looking for something to ease your morning sickness, try ginger tea instead. I got some lemon ginger tea… it is very good! Also try ginger hard candies. I got some of those as well. If you are just a lover of all things ginger, go ahead and try it!
AntoinetteChamois, MO


As Ginger is good to settle a stomach and, when I eat a Larabar Ginger Snap or a few Ginger cookies, it seems to satisfy my hunger, I had great expectations! I tried this cold and hot. I got a BLAST of Ginger heat in the back of my throat (expected) but no residual Ginger after taste,just an odd taste from the sugar (we use very little sugar so maybe just me). I had hoped to satisfy hunger but it doesnt seem to do that at all & seemed to MAYBE upset my stomach a little. Packaging quality & content uniformity is very good & dissolved quickly. I will be throwing the rest away partly because it is made in China and I am nervous about food items from there.
SuzannaPowder Springs, GA

Husband loves this stuff

My husband gave up coffee and drinks this daily. It’s 3 times the price at the local healthfood store. Wish it was subscribe and save. My husband doesn’t tell my he is out until he is totally out. Luckily it arrives 2 days after ordered.
CarmenWilberforce, OH

Not limited to hot beverage

The Prince of Peace Instant Ginger Honey Crystals originally didn’t impress me because the first ingredient was cane sugar, followed by honey and then ginger. Because we don’t drink many sweet beverages, the 70 calories and 17 sugar grams seemed outrageous. We also were not thrilled with the biblical proverbs imprinted on the packaging. After opening the first pouch, however, our family was hooked on the spicy sweet crystals. Each pouch contains 12 grams of ginger and it is very, very spicy, just what we like around here. We empty a packet into a little jar and always have some accessible in the kitchen. I use a little binder clip on a packet in my bag when traveling, so I can slip a few crystals on my tongue even when there’s no water available. I add this to white or green tea, mix it in my chai and add no other sweetener, sprinkle it on yogurt, fruit and fiber cereal in the morning, and even have used it to tone down an overly spicy seafood stew I made last week. I don’t know how, but throwing in about a half teaspoon worked a miracle. The hot beverage is great when we’re nauseous or just feeling less than perfect, and when chilled, is a perfect complement to one of those clear beverages we may drink for relaxation. If you like ginger, think about taking a break from the ginger chews/candy and try these little delectable crystals instead.
AdelleAudubon, MN


Awesome! I had this tea years ago and was thrilled to find it! I share it with everyone! It’s good for you, too!
ArletteChester, CA

Spicy and satisfying, but not the best

The packets make an easy and quick way to make a spicy and sweet ginger tea. However, I prefer using Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy (5.25oz) to make my tea. Every packet has 17g of sugar, yet doesn’t taste as sweet as Ting Ting Jahe in my opinion, which has only 3g per piece of candy. I also think that Ting Ting Jahe has a cleaner ginger flavor, but isnt as spicy as this product. This product also takes up more space and isnt as good a value as ting ting jahe. If you are looking for the quickest way to make a drink, these packets are the way to go. However, if you are willing to stir around the ginger candies until they dissolve, the ting ting jahe candies make a much better tasting drink, with less sugar and a cleaner finish. Plus, you can eat them as regular candies if you wish!
GillianCane Valley, KY

Great Product.

Authentic ginger flavour & goodness. Dissolves quickly in hot liquids. Unusual application: Crush a packet and sprinkle 1/4 over strawberries or Grapefuit. Delicious!
GeorgeSpurger, TX

Nice strong ginger flavor

Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals

Unfortunately I got these on the last day of a local tea shop — and I say unfortunately because I became instantly enamored of the product. A single packet produces a decidedly strong 10-12 oz cup, very nice and gingery, reminiscent of the hot ginger tea sometimes served on cold winter days at a Haitian restaurant I know. The honey adds a nice complexity to the cup, but I’m also looking forward to adding a few cloves and cinnamon stick. Many other uses for the crystals come to mind as well as simply dissolving in water — I’ve been using it to sugar tea, both black and green, and I’ll definitely try another reviewer’s recommendation for strawberries or other fruit.

My only complaint is that I wish the packet had somewhat less sugar (but with the same ginger and honey strength). One packet, at 17 g, is getting a bit close to typical desert levels (I checked some sorbet in my frig, 23 g).

That aside, I prefer this to the ginger tea I’ve been getting at a local Korean market, a kind of marmalade or jelly with ginger slices in a jar. Not only does this product have a stronger, hotter ginger flavor, but it can be used in place of granulated sugar.

TennieSlaughter, LA

Peaceful and soothing

I love this product and I share it with my family and co-workers. JVS by way of Amazon is the best there is for online purchase and I will definitely continue to buy from them. I am currently preparing for my third order in as many months. Great for upset stomach, sore throats, stressful days and cool nights.Make it hot with water or milk to take the chill out!
JettaFredericksburg, PA

Best Cure for an Upset Tummy!

I discovered this product years ago at a local asian market. This is a miracle cure for an upset stomach, car sickness, seasickness, etc…My husband uses it when his IBS acts up. When I go on a cruise, I bring one dose a day and I do not need to get the behind the ear tabs that I had used before.

Before I found this, I would have to go get the ginger root, peel, slice, and steep to get a good tea for my stomachache, but this is tons more convenient. Besides, who wants to do all that work when you are sick.

The flavor is very strong so I found that I like it a little more watered down than it recommends but 1 or 2 “doses” when I am feeling queasy and it is gone.

LacreshaForksville, PA

Good but too much sugar

The first time I drank this tea I almost gagged. I’d prepared it according to the directions but it was too spicy. I then had the good sense to add more water and a chamomile tea sachet to break down the spicyness…and it was wonderful. I then discovered that eating the ginger crystals by themselves was quite pleasant as well. I know it sounds weird, but the crystals are tasty, probably because they’re so sweet…which leads me to my next point. Although sugar TASTES good, im not a fan of consuming too much of it. It’s 17 grams per packet, which I think is too high for a cup of tea. It makes my teeth feel all gritty afterwards (no bueno). If they made a sugar free version I’d be sold 🙂
SherrillRochford, SD

delicious and practical

If you’re into hot, spicy gingery tastes, you’ll like this drink. It’s intense, also because of the honey. I find it delicious, and I know some people who dilute it (using half a package per cup) to make it milder. Either way, it’s yummy and satisfying. Very soothing on a winter day, and also if you have a cold or are suffering from nausea or stomach upset. It’s also versatile. I dissolve a package into plain oatmeal–what an easy way to add unique flavor. I like that it’s instant, and also that I can take along the sachets to work or on a trip. Highly recommend this!
AudrySunset, SC

really good service and price

I’ve been ordering this product for about a year now and take it daily (has improved my ph balance!) and this vendor always has it in stock and ships it fast & free! Can’t ask for better
EmeraldLodi, TX


A coworker introduced me to these once when I had a terrible cough & cold. At first I was hesitant to drink because of the strong aroma, but at FIRST SIP & INHALE, it immediately went to work!! Instantly cleared my sinuses & soothed my throat so much, I knew I had to have stock at work & at home! I also noticed I had improved enegy & just felt better all around! I now drink these packets daily, if not twice a day, it was recommended that I drink one before bedtime & I did & woke up feeling FABULOUS! It is hard to find these packets, I only found them at the mall’s vitamin shop and I “think” at GNC, but Amazon has a great price & saves you the trip!!!!
YasukoProspect, NY

Can’t live without it!

I have been drinking this ginger tea for years, and can’t live without it. I have IBS and digestive upset is a way of life unfortunately; however, this ginger tea is strong enough to provide a digestive tonic and it tastes good too. I wish it were a little less sweet, but I don’t eat a lot of sugar normally. I am pregnant now, and have been drinking it throughout. It settles my belly and helps with the IBS symptoms as well. I have driven 2 hours before to get this from Chinatown, so I’m super happy that I can get it here when I need it as well!
LoreenMoreland, ID

Ginger is your friend

I needed to find a coffee substitute for my husband. Tried herbal teas, he said it tasted like he was licking a flower pot. I tried the Ginger Honey drink in his Thermos and he enjoyed it! The drink has enough “punch” in its flavor and the ginger is helping with inflammation and digestion. Good solution and it’s easy to prepare-even he can boil water!
HoraceMercer Island, WA

Ginger Honey tea granuals

These are a staple in my pantry. I make a two litter bottle of green tea with one or two packets of the ginger honey tea added. I love the flavor and I don’t get acid kick-back anymore. I drink the honey ginger tea hot for a sore throat. It is wonderful in apple juice or other fruit juices as it give a punch to the drink.

I also make a drink from green veggies and some fruit. This ginger honey really livens it up and makes it delicious. When I make shortbread cookies, I sprinkle this ginger on top before baking. I won an award for the cookies at a Scottish festival. I buy 3-4 of the large bags at a time. It doesn’t last long around here.

It is great to sip on the front porch with neighbors and can be served hot in the winter and iced in the hot summers.

ShirleeSouth Fallsburg, NY

I was looking for Jamaican Ginger Beer

I found lots of spicy ginger beers at Amazon, but the best price in the lot was D & G, Soda Ginger Beer, 12-once (24 Pack); while $30 [$45 shipped] for 24 hard-to-find sodas isn’t the worst pricing in the world, it’s still not going to be in my budget as an everyday beverage. This stuff is plenty affordable in the 30-count bag, and the flavor is exactly the spicy & sweet combination I remember from my youth in the South.

It just arrived today, so I’ve not had the chance to try it with club soda in place of water, but I expect adding some fizziness will make this drink perfect! Look for an update to this review.
UPDATE: almost finished with bag one, ordering more. Mixing the bag with Blue Sky Natural True Seltzer, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) does make a nice refreshing drink (I mix in a little Tang Orange Powdered Drink Mix (Makes 22 Quarts), 72-Ounce Canister for a citrus-ginger soda), but it’s not as close to the Jamaican Ginger beer that I remember as I’d hoped.

However, if I add it to store-brand ginger ale, it IS the flavor clone I’d been looking for! Five stars!

Further update: There are many recipes foe home-made ginger ale on the web, and the process looks very simple…I’ll keep a stock of these packets anyway, but I think I’ll try fashioning my own brew this weekend!

LesleePrinceton, WV


a very strong authentic ginger taste. much denser then ginger teas. only issue for me is that it contains too much sugar.
LeoFarnham, VA

Great multipurpose product

Bought this for sea travel to relieve nausea, but found it works great for sore throat and cold symptoms. Easy to use, tastes good, and I like the fact that you can drink it hot or cold.
NicolasaSan Simon, AZ

Pleasant ginger taste

It doesn’t have as much of a kick as the kind I bought in China but it does have a nice flavor, and soothing. I would prefer to use my own sweetener but this will do when I want something while traveling. I like it to keep my stomach settled and to ward off colds. If you like the taste of ginger, you will most likely like this. If you want unsweetened, try the Gold Kili.
TonishaLadonia, TX

Ginger crystals

I am so addicted to the ginger crystals. The health foodr store in my neigborhood discontiued this product. I was so thrilled to find the exact item, and a better quality online. The ginger in the online version is alot stronger than the crystals that I purchased. I like to blend it with a nice berry tea or I will add lemon and a little tequila when I have a cold.
FletaKettleman City, CA

Very spicy, strong ginger flavor

The product came as advertised. For the amount you get, the price is right, but the taste of the ginger is stronger than I expected. In fact, it’s actually very, very spicy; it burns my tongue and throat, but not as if I were eating hot salsa. Will try using more water, to dilute the flavor.
AgathaButterfield, MN

Instant Ginger and Honey Tea

I’ve been looking for a ginger tea that actually has the spicy taste of ginger, and I found it with this tea. I don’t have a “sweet tooth” per say, so I generally don’t like a lot of sugar in things that I drink or eat. Although this ginger tea is sweeten with honey and cane sugar, it’s not too sweet for me to enjoy.
GradyWest Hartford, VT

Great for… Everything

A sure fire cure for when I have an upset stomach. And definitely helps with my GERD symptoms (acid reflux). It just always makes me feel better, that’s the best I can say about it. Try it after a heavy meal.
LorineTishomingo, OK

Too Much Sugar

The ginger flavor is nice and strong. The white sugar is excessive. Nice convenient packages. Similar to a strong, sweet lemonade.
GudrunHightstown, NJ

Not very good

I love ginger and I eat it all the time, but this is far to strong. I tried to use it in a large cup with tea and it burned my throat and my wifes throat. I threw the bag away after that.
KallieDalzell, IL


I was drinking another brand of tea which is not sold in any of the stores where I live or on Amazon. I decided to give this brand a try after reading all of the positive reviews.

I am very disappointed in this purchase. The tea tastes like sugar water. The ginger flavor is not strong at all. Even the crystals are lighter in comparison to the other product that I was drinking. Luckily, this product was very reasonably priced so I won’t feel too bad about tossing the remaining bags if I can’t find someone to give them to.

I can’t fault the seller here. The product was reasonably priced and arrived on time. I would purchase another item from them, but not this one.

Just my two cents.

JeniferUnion Star, MO

Love it. Plain and simple.

It’s great stuff. Really simple to use, and really good tasting — I only sweeten it with a spoonful of honey or two as far as additives go. I used it all throughout my pregnancy as an all natural solution to my all day sickness. Sometimes it was all I could keep down.
I’ve recommend it to a LOT of my friends, pregnant and not, who are tea drinkers like myself, and I continue to thank the person who introduced it to me. It’s good and soothing, not too harsh, like other ginger products I’ve tried, and it’s good at any time; hot or cold. Hell, at the first sign of a cold, I start guzzling it down like nobody’s business , an more often than not, it keeps my cold (especially sore throats) from getting any worse. It’s something I’ll swear by for life, I’m sure.
KyungWest Greenwich, RI

Perfect during my pregnancy

This product was amazing during my pregnancy. I packed it everywhere to aid in my nausea. It worked beautifully. I haven’t used it much since, unless I have an upset stomach, because I’m not a huge ginger fan. But hey … if you’re suffering from morning sickness or suffer from nausea, this may work perfectly for you as well.
AkikoBantam, CT