Instinct Canned Cat Food, Chicken, 5.5 oz.

Real poultry. Wholesome fruits and vegetables. This is your cat’s instinctive diet. With Instinct, your cat will enjoy a hearty and nutritious diet, free of grains or fillers. Such quality nutrition provides beneficial proteins and balanced omega fatty acids to maintain toned muscles, healthy skin, and a glossy coat. Feed instinctively to give your cat the nourishment and energy to enjoy life every day. Plus, try rotating with our other nutritious diets – your cat will love the variety.

Quick facts

  • 0% Grain and Gluten
  • 5% Vegetables and Fruit with Other Wholesome Ingredients
  • 95% Chicken, Turkey and Liver in loaf form
  • Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds

Top reviews

An acceptable alternative to rabbit

My cat will only eat the rabbit, which is widely UNAVAILABLE and has been so for many months, or the chicken. There is no doubt that of all the bad things that go into pet food, Instinct seems to be the brand of choice for those who do the research and know whereof they speak! I’m happy to follow their lead.
DespinaHamilton, OH