International Delight Hazelnut Liquid Creamer, 192-Count Single-Serve Packages

International Delight Hazelnut Liquid Creamer brings home the rich flavor of toasted tropical hazelnuts. It is warm, nutty and a delicious complement to any coffee. It has no trans-fat and cholesterol.

Quick facts

  • Inspired by the rich, nutty flavor of toasted, tropical hazelnuts–a delicious complement to any coffee
  • Pack of 192-count single-serve containers
  • Contains milk and cream
  • Use as a creamer in your morning cup or use it to make delightful frappes and floats
  • Stir up a moment of sweet inspiration and make each cup a unique experience with International Delight
  • Since 1987, International Delight has been synonymous with exceptional creamer flavor

Top reviews

Non Delight creamer

I found this product priced right, but when it arrived I was not really impressed. At some point in time several of the containers had leaked and dried in the box. I had to soak them in water to get them apart and to clean up the mess. I would never order this on line again. I am not sure I would ever purchase them at all.
LeonidaShrewsbury, MA

Bad packaging!

The packaging of the creamers did not hold up to the test of shipping. About a quarter of the creamers were cracked open and covered the inside of the box. They smell amazing but it doesnt out weigh the hour that it took to clean up and the 46 creamers I lost. I do not blame, International Delight, nor the shippers, but the combination of the three didnt get the package to my door unharmed.
VerlaRuby, VA

Perfect for the Office or On the Go

This creamer can turn an ordinary cup of coffee into a Hazelnut Latte. And it comes in portable cups that don’t need to be refrigerated so they’re perfect to keep in my desk at work or in the car for road trips. I like two cups per mug of coffee for an even richer flavor.
DeidreChinle, AZ


We have added this flavor to our Keurig collection and have come to enjoy it always. The contents have always arrived in the best condition.
TerranceCumming, IA

Ordering in bulk is not the best way to try this product.

I love the product and bought the 24 count box at the grocery store, but the area stores stopped carrying the hazelnut so I thought this would be the way to go. Unfortunately 20% of the creamers cracked and leaked into and through the box. I spent an hour cleaning up the others. And some of them curdle when I add them to my coffee. I won’t be purchasing this product this way again.
LynellDinwiddie, VA

Too many broken cups!!!

I was so excited to see that I could get flavored coffee creamer cups in bulk. They came in the mail at a decent time, but I have thrown out way too many broken cups that have leaked all over the other cups. Out of 192 single serve cups I think I’ve thrown out 15 that were punctured. That may not seem like a lot, but these coffee creamers are like precious gems to me. I NEED them for my coffee and I hate running back to the store to get more. So, my only complaint is that I received too many punctured cups. 🙁
FelicitasNew Market, IN

bring this back

I like this product and wish I could receive more however you stopped selling it! this product help me use less from buying in the bottles Thanks. still sad you stopped selling this!!!
JamarBig Timber, MT


It’s my favorite hazelnut creamer in a much larger package than you’re used to seeing at the grocery store, so it will last for several months. Everything arrived intact and the expiration date is well in the future.
MontyBig Creek, KY

Great item, bad packaging.

I have ordered this product, International Delight Hazelnut, two times. Both times it came with leaking singles that got all over the other ones. I have ordered the Irish Creme version three times and they have all been received in perfect condition so it must be the shipper. I need more now but will not order this certain one even though it is the cheapest.
GenaAngier, NC

Amazon failed, item came leaking in the box

There is a huge soggy bottom on my box and when I opened it, I noticed even more of a brown liquid. It turned out that the plastic containers were crushed due to poor packaging. Do not buy as others suggested.
TemekaJennie, AR


ElfredaWoolford, MD


product was close to expiration date, and many of the plastic containers were about to break apart.
Actually a couple of the containers had already broken and the creamer was mixed with the rest of the packages.
Would not recommend based on my first experience.
ChelsieCalder, ID

Great Buy!

Received this product quick and in perfect condition. This is a great savings over the small boxes in the stores. We love to use it in our coffee and tea.
JohnettaCylinder, IA

Big Deal

It has become very difficult to find this product in a single serve package, so I was very pleased to find this for the price and volume.
AdelaEnville, TN

Great product!

This is a great product and is very convenient. My daughter uses it at college in her dorm. No refrig. required and I can buy on line and send it to her. The only negative comment is that when we received them, some of the cups were dented in and some had leaked inside the box. Had to dump them in the sink to rinse them off and found two that had leaked.
BenjaminEdgard, LA

Same product, different box

The product was the same, but it came in a plain brown cardboard box. Hopefully you have your last box available to refill as the plain box doesn’t have the dispensing flap.
PorshaBrockton, PA


I have ordered this product on a monthly bases. I have found this a wonderful product. I have read other reviews about how there products have come to them damaged,but I have had nothing but perfect deliveries. I hope for those of you ordering in the future the same results.
TristanLynwood, CA

Package a mess with leaking cups

Plain box with some cups glued to the sides with leaked product. Outer packing box also wet with leaked product. Bubble wrap inside the product box failed to prevent rupture. Was told I would get a refund but the e-mail from Amazon indicates a replacement is being sent.

I bought the same manufacturer’s product (French Vanilla) at Costco in a nice retail dispenser package and have no problems.

RayButler, AL

Great product, poor packaging

I have read reviews on here about receiving these packages leaking. I have not had a problem until this shipment – I ordered both the hazelnut and french vanilla and both boxes were leaking – one pretty badly. After spending about 30 minutes cleaning them out and throwing away the broken ones, I am going to have to give some consideration to whether I order again. At the very least, I think there should be a discount on an order that is leaking!
AshleighCenter, CO

leaking of international hzelnut delight

I received the hazelnut order yesterday. The box was wet, some of the hazelnut was leaking and I had to throw out some of the product. It has been not a good experience.

Joyce Kwartler

LorisThrockmorton, TX

Coffee and Tea creamer

I bought these to try the individual creamers. Found I do not like them. The box had several that had opened and the inside was sticky. I found them to be a messy and pain to open and throw away. I will stick with powder creamer. I also like the flavor of the powder. It is more intense. These have a milder Hazelnut flavor if you prefer milder in your tea or coffee. They are good quality.
DelilaParnell, MO

None leaked, but

as stated by another reviewer, it does not come in the dispenser box like shown, just a brown cardboard box packed inside another brown box to ship. So now how to store all that???? Works great for portion control as I tend to like some coffee with my creamer 🙂
DomingoCochiti Lake, NM

Don’t listen to the bad reviews, try it yourself

We were very skeptical about purchasing this item as there were MANY bad reviews about the creamers busting and so on. We received our creamers a day early and both boxes were intact and not one creamer was busted. I’m telling you we were not going to purchase because of the bad reviews but decided we would give it a shot and I’m glad we did 🙂
PearleFreeport, PA

Delicious in your coffee.

I like the taste of Hazelnut Delight Liquid Creamer. I put it into my coffee and love the delicious taste. It can be stored without being in a refrigerator which is very practical.
AshlynDogue, VA

Excellent customer service

Very prompt customer service, very helpful and eager to please. Thank You.I would very much purchase this coffee cream again, especially now that I know it does not expire so quickly.
KristeenReserve, MT

Great product with decent price

I’ve ordered International Delight Creamer (Hazelnut flavor) three times from Amazon. I really like the product and can not find it in local stores. The price is very competitive.

Of the three packages, there are only a few (< 5) leaked out in the second shipment.

Since this is for home use, my only concern was what the expiration date is. I am glad to see they added a new message in the detailed page to tell whether it’s a new arrival.

KariBlue Ridge, GA

Not as pictured, very poor packing. 1st time Amazon failed me.

This is one of my favorite Hazelnut cream. I use it all the time at 7-Eleven. But I would rate it more but need to let everyone know that the picture listed of the “Nice Product Display Dispense Box” is NOT what you will get, instead you will get a regular BROWN shipping box with a bunch of loose Hazelnut creamers in there then packed in an Amazon box. I rated it at 3 stars due to what you see pictured is not what you will get, plus the packing was just poor and cause more than 1/2 of all of the cups to leak.
FlorineLangeloth, PA

Nice treat.

Making coffee is such a ritual and having these handy creamers in the pantry makes for a very nice treat when it’s time for a hot cup of coffee. They are also kept in the breakroom and since they do not have to be refrigerated they make for a very nice option for our clients. Great value too since we can purchase such a large number of cups at one time. Very handy on the road too. Toss a few in a briefcase or in the car and have them if you are on the road and want to flavor your coffee when on the road.
LavernAsbury, WV

Fast delivery and quality product

The item was delivered as promised and the users love the product. It enhances their coffee/tea drinking experience. Highly recommend.
KathryneSouth Gate, CA


I love the taste of this product in my french vanilla coffee,and it saves me some cash buying my creamer in amounts like this.
LacieFalmouth, IN