International Delight Irish Creme, 288 Count Single-Serve Coffee Creamers

International Delight Irish Creme Liquid Creamer, 288-Count Single-Serve is a deliciously smooth flavor inspired by traditional Irish crème. This creamer contains natural and artificial flavor and is UHT processed

Quick facts

  • Deliciously smooth flavor inspired by traditional Irish crème
  • Pack of 288-count single-serve containers
  • Contains milk and cream
  • Use as a creamer in your morning cup or use it to make delightful frappes and floats
  • Stir up a moment of sweet inspiration and make each cup a unique experience with International Delight
  • Since 1987, International Delight has been synonymous with exceptional creamer flavor

Top reviews

Great creamer for the price

This is a great creamer, it is hard finding Irish Creamer in our hometown and my husband loves this stuff. The only problem I had was when the box arrived, one of the creamers was smushed open and the creamers weren’t in a bag just the box so I had the wonderful task of washing each little creamer and finding the culprit in a soggy box. I highly recommend using this creamer, it has a true Irish Cream taste without the alcohol. The price is very good and is lower than what other bulk foods websites are offering for the same brand/type.
LinnSemora, NC

Great Creamer, Terrible Packaging

When I opened the box, there were approximately 23 containers, almost the whole top layer leaking, this caused the liquid to flow over the entire order. The remaining containers had to be washed due to the “sticky” material on them. This happened even though it was inside a larger box with other items. Thankfully the other items were DVDs and easily cleaned.
MargetJefferson, SD


I received the package very quickly — when I opened the box, there were
approximately 14 containers that were leaking — this causes the liquid to
flow over the entire order — the remaining containers had to be washed due
to the “sticky” material on them. I understand that this is a constant
happening — a better method of packaging should be looked into.

I have ordered another package of the product knowing that I and others were not happy in the way that we received the said items,
But, I must say that both boxes of the International Delight Irish Cream, were received in the best of conditions. The negative
remarks made before, did help — I am more than pleased with your product — not one , that is correct, not one was leaking.
Thank you for correcting the problem.
Sando Cosenza

MaribethWynot, NE

Amazon Packing

I ordered a 288 count of the International Delight Irish Creme Liquid Creamer for coffee. When the package showed up to it had 288 containers (which i ordered) jammed in a box too small for that amount of creamers. I am sure creamers come in boxes of 20/25/75 etc., but it looks like someone just jammed them all into a box. Some of them leaked milk because they were jammed in the box and made a mess. Last time I’ll use Amazon for anything that isn’t a hard cover book or DVD etc.. They’re packing for fragile items is less than steller.
BeataGilbertsville, NY

groweup addendum

Fantastic product made available to its users. I enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with International Delight Irish Creme Liquid Creamer every morning with a smile on my face. Thanks Amazon!

I was doing great with my subscription for Irish Creme until I received the next delivery. The outside box was soaked with creamer and I salvaged about 3/4s of the creamers. I suspect that the containers had been changed and the new ones were not strong enough to endure the knocks and bumps in transporting them. At any rate, I canceled my subscription and will try again another time in hopes that enough complaints were made that they switched back to the original containers. I still enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every morning with a smile on my face but without the convenience of!

IsidraRockville, MN

Packaging fail and Amazon will not return the product.

The creamer itself is fine, the packaging is crap. Several of them broke open and leaked everywhere creating a huge mess (that or someone at the warehouse has a sick sense of humor). As an added bonus, this item isn’t eligible for returns. Amazon refunded me the purchase price though, so kudos to their customer service.
NickyTrivoli, IL

International Delight Irish Creme Liquid Creamer

International Delight Irish Creme Liquid Creamer, 288-Count Single-Serve Packages
Be aware Amazon has to find a better way to ship this product. When I opened the box,I was greeted by
a great liquid creamy mess. Thankfully Amazon had packed the little green cups inside a well sealed plastic bag. Otherwise the box most likely would of been a soggy mess. This is why I gave the product a 2 star ratting.(Please be aware Amazon would not let me publish this review the first time with a 2 star ratting Amazon made me change it to a 3 star before they would publish my review) I did not even open the bag. I just put the whole thing in the garbage can. I called Amazon and they gave me a full credit on this order. Very nice of them. It’s to bad too, as I was looking forward to getting these. I also canceled my order for the chocolate liquid creamers as they are packaged the same way. I would not recommend ordering this product. Fully related to the shipping method NOT the product.
09/08/1220 Update: It looks as amazon has licked their shipping problem with this item. I took another chance and ordered this again. Low an behold all 288 creamers arrived intact with out one leaking. Which made me very very happy! As I really enjoy this flavor. And now I can give this product a (5)five star rating. So now I can highly recommend this product to anyone who also enjoys International Delight Irish Creme Liquid Creamer. Enjoy World!!!!!
AltonScottsville, KY

Good stuff

I love this creamer! It is just right, a lot of other “Irish creamers don’t measure up even close to this one!
StevieAuburn, GA

Wow, talk about fast delivery

I just placed the order and it arrived today…Wow, talk about fast delivery!!! I love this stuff and am completely flabbergasted by International Delight’s choice to discontinue. The flavor is untouchable by any of their other creamers and the individual packets make it great for travel.
LinnLevering, MI


I would give this product 5 stars but they came to me a little smashed and sticky. I love the conveinence of having these little creamers that don’t need to take up space in the fridge, and they taste great!
DustiEckley, CO

Irish creme

Not very flavorful. Wal Mart Brand has more taste but this will do in a pinch. Won’t buy again.
VivianaThayer, IN

Great Stuff

Not only does it taste good, it is so convenient. Instead of buying a large container, which never gets used up, I have these on hand for guests. My guests enjoy the options & I don’t waste money or product.
MarindaWoodson, AR