Intra Instant Ginger Tea Drink

Great instant ginger tea drink.

Quick facts

  • In individual bags
  • From Indonesia

Top reviews

Delicious, just-right spiciness, and a comforting hot drink

I adore this stuff.

The ingredients are simple, all it contains is ginger, sugar, and salt. Of course, if you are avoiding sugar or salt, you might want to reconsider or drink in moderation, otherwise, you will not be disappointed. (I could easily drink three cups of this a day, but because of the sugar and salt, I choose to limit it to one.)

The “tea” itself looks a bit like light brown sugar, it pours out as dry crystals, you add hot water, and it dissolves quickly and evenly. It dissolves so quickly you can just heat your water to drinking heat, instead of “extra-hot-for-brewing-time” hot. It is slightly spicy, but if you are already familiar with ginger you know what to expect. It is not an uncomfortable spiciness, but a pleasant tingly wake-up of the taste buds warmth. Anyway, if you’ve read this far, stop reading. Just buy a box. You’ll love it!

Now, gotta go order a refill box, or three.

LyleDamascus, MD

Great ginger tea

I went to the Asian market looking for ginger tea because I was getting sick. Ginger tea supposedly helps you when you are sick (fight infection, inflammation, etc). The Intra Instant ginger tea comes in convenient little packets. The taste isn’t too strong and tastes good. The product is from Indonesia so you don’t have to worry too much about tainted food. I would buy this product again. Also, the product has 90 calories per packet. However, fewer calories would be better.
SantoBennington, IN

great product

This ginger drink tastes great and really helps colds and stomach aches. I bought several for myself my co-workers and my daughters friends. This was the third time I have purchased Ginger drink from this vender. My orders were received quickly and securely packaged.
LouWyoming, PA

Ginger Drink

Easy to make, strong ginger flavor and just plain yummy. I also get the ginger milk tea and ginger coffee.
LuigiBedford, IA

My Favorite Ginger Tea

I suffer from bouts of vertigo that cause extreme nausea. I read that ginger can help with motion sickness and nausea and found this tea. It has worked wonders! It is pretty spicy and can help if you are congested. I keep a pouch of it on me at all times. I have tried it both hot and cold and it is good both ways. It is pretty sweet, not sure about the sugar content but it might be too high for some. It does have a heavy ginger flavor and it works great for me for controlling the nausea and vertigo. It is in a powdered crystal form and dissolves easily into hot water. Don’t add too much water though, or it gets really weak and doesn’t taste as good.
LucileEek, AK

Best Tasting Ginger Drink!

I’ve tried many of the ginger drink products out there and this one is definitely the best tasting product! Very good to relieve cold symptoms and upset stomach.
DorindaLeiters Ford, IN