Isola Crostini Olive Oil, 7-Ounce

Isola Olive Oil Crostini. “Savor the memory, taste the tradition”. Island of gourmet specialties. “Delicious Italian crisp breads are a compliment to our fine spreads”. Family is the most important thing in the world to me. And in my house, good food is practically a family member! My passion for both has gone into every item I offer. You are a member of my family too, and I hope that my carefully chosen products will fuel your own passion for food and for life! Made fresh. No preservatives. 200g – 7oz.

Quick facts

  • Delicious Italian crisp breads are a compliment to our fine spreads.
  • Made fresh. No preservatives. Contains Gluten.
  • Product of Italy.

Top reviews

Best Crostini on the market!

I am a lover of fine goat cheeses. While I like my cheeses strong and pungent, I like my crostini plain and boring. I am spending the big bucks on the cheese, and I don’t want the cracker to interfere with the taste. I have sampled many crostini and I think Isola Olive Oil are the best. They are plain and unflavored, except for a bit of olive oil, and they compliment my cheese perfectly.

I recommend these highly.

BertramLamona, WA