Italian Products Vialone Nano Rice, 2.2-Pound Units

Shorter and fatter than Carnaroli and Arborio rice, Vialone Nano rice is regarded by many Italians to be the finest risotto rice. It absorbs liquids better, and releases more starch than any other risotto rice, creating a very smooth, creamy risotto that is less sticky, so it flows better on the plate. It is particularly prized in Veneto (the region including Venice) style seafood risottos.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 2.2-pound units (total of 6.6 pounds)
  • Finest Risotto rice
  • Less sticky than regular Risotto rice

Top reviews

The Best for Risotto

We’ve been trying various rices including Aquarello Carnaroli and this Vialone Nano is by far the best. It’s very forgiving of lapses in technique and produced the creamiest risotto of the five brands of rice we’ve tried.

Be sure to have an airtight container to store the unused rice from each package – the vacuum pack plastic is too stiff to close well.

ClarettaBarberton, OH

Perfect for Risotto

Great for risotto. Creates creamy finished product, while maintaining a good ‘al dente’ bite, better than any other rice I have used.
AlphonsoGrassy Meadows, WV

Makes THE BEST risotto!

If you want to make authentic Italian risotto for a reasonable price, buy this rice! Vialone Nano is – in my opinion – the very best for making risotto. You have to follow the true process, starting with sweated shallots, then parching the rice, then deglazing with white wine, and finally adding hot stock in small amounts while stirring often. If you follow this procedure (and/or find a good recipe), you will be rewarded with some of the creamiest, most mouth-meltingly tender rice you’ve ever had. Why pay for it in a restaurant when it’s so easy to make at home?
TessManquin, VA