Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice

Volcano Orange Juice is made from a perfect blend of three sweet and juicy red orange varieties: Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro. Taroccos, considered the premium red blush table orange, make this blend so special because it almost impossible to find them outside of Sicily. Moros are extremely high in anti-oxidants provided by pigment of the volcanic red color. All three varieties of blood oranges come from this unique growing environment in the Mediterranean. They are grown in a small area of Eastern Sicily, which benefits from volcanic soil and cool ocean breezes. This area is recognized by the European Union with coveted IGP “Indicazione Geografic Protetta” similar to DOC labeling give to wines.

Quick facts

  • 100% certified organic hand harvested blood oranges
  • Try in a Mimosa or in making Italian Shaved Ice–recipes
  • USDA Organic and Kosher
  • Specializes in hard-to-find-favorites

Top reviews


This juice is very delicious, but you can buy it for about $5 at Trader Joe’s.
LaurineSummerfield, OH

Best Orange Juice in the World!

I lived in Italy for three years and enjoyed the juice of the Blood Orange many times, but I’ve never had such a delicious blend of three different varieties of blood orange. If you like your juice very – extremely – tart, this is the one for you. Buy it by the case – you’ll be surprised by how quickly it goes once you have your first taste.
MargariteAdrian, WV

Very Good Strong Orange Juice

A very acidic orange juice, 4oz in the morning is all you need. The taste is excellent. I used some in a marinate for catfish fillets, replacing the lemon juice, it was most excellent!
DexterChittenden, VT


very expensive for very little blood orange essence. largely sugary water. just back from sicily where we enjoyed the real stuff, in cardboard containers, from the supermarket. no comparison here,
CristyMarshall, OK

Grapefruit juice

The color protrayed of the product is definitly not what it actually is. It is more of a red brown. This juice did not taste like blood oranges it tasted like grapefruit juice so if you like grapefruit juice it would be great. But not worth it to buy for the blood orange. Very disappointed that it did not taste as I had remembered in Italy.
RodgerPrue, OK

tart and tangy

I love this juice. I needed it for a cocktail I had seen. The bottles were carefully wrapped and I received them on time. The juice has a nice tart taste and I would buy this again.
EleanoraFarragut, IA


Just picked up a bottle of this at my local coop. This is the most ridiculously good tasting orange juice I have ever come across.
CeliaBloomington, NY

The Rolls-Royce of O.J.

Preferably, I squeeze my own juice. Bottled juice is pastuerized and you lose the enzymes.
That being said, if you do buy bottled juice, this one is a dandy. Unique in taste and appearance. The juice has sweet, bitter, and sour tastes. Either you love it or you don’t. I fit in the former catagory. The bottom of the bottle has a dramatic red color to it. Best to buy the individual size bottles (about 8oz), put them in a champagne bucket for Sunday brunch, and become a star. A rare find, indeed.
RodRipley, MS

Absolutely horrible

I fell in love with blood orange juice while in Italy in 2009. The color of the juice and flavor were amazing. I have been looking for this in the US and when I found this product on Amazon, I had to order it. It arrived and when I opened it, I noticed the color was brown and not the deep red pictured on the product page. When I tasted it, while not spoiled, it tasted more like really sour grapefruit juice than blood orange. Maybe I got three bottles from an old batch (the juice was the same color in each of the bottles), but combined with the disappointing flavor, I’m tossing them in the trash. Buyer beware.
KrystynaDurant, IA

ill buy it in a supermarket

it’s good but i found the same stuff in my supermarket for a buck or so cheeper
TessieCoy, AL

Blood Orange Juice

It is an excellent product although it didn’t taste like blood orange juice to me. It’s more like grapefruit juice. Either way, it’s good. It was shipped fast and direct.
** It would make a good base for a mixed drink!
LucianaManitou Beach, MI

acidic and great taste

Yes, it is acidic, which means not too much sweet.
Sometimes even 100% natural orange juce is too sweet ( for me ), but this is really good if you do not have sweet tooth.
VeronicaLeonia, NJ

A much-missed taste of Italy

I recently got back from Milan, where even the airport served the most delicious blood orange juice. This amazing juice is not easy to find in the US, so I was thrilled to discover this Volcano Blood Orange Juice. I can’t get enough of it; to me, it’s twice as good as “regular” orange juice.
AyannaGrace, ID