Izze Sparkling Clementine Soda Full Case

Izze is the “adult” version of soda. Not overly sweet and syrupy. Izze Clemetine Soda is made with all natural juice and sparkling water. Crisp bright citrus flavor which is pleasing and cleansing on the palate. You’ll beg for more of this quenching concoction.

Quick facts

  • All natural no preservatives
  • Citrusy Clementine Flavor
  • No Added Sugar All Sugar from Fruit Juice
  • Each bottle is equal to a serving of fruit
  • Fruit Juice and Sparkling water

Top reviews

Izze is great tasting!

My teens and their friends drink regular soda pop by the gallon! They’re obviously addicted to the stuff – a very unhealthy habit.

I can’t drink soda pop myself, it’s been 5 years or so since I had one, and so I began searching for a drink that tasted like regular soda pop, but wasn’t unhealthy. I searched high and low for a suitable alternative – and then I found Izze.

I love the fruity, tangy flavor of Izze’s sparkling clementine soda. Nothing beats an icy, cold Clementine Izzy on a picnic. The clementine flavor goes well with a nice thick sandwich and a handful of chips, but it is also great just by itself.

My teens love Izze and drink it now just like soda pop! I’m so happy to know they aren’t guzzling down corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors, but instead are enjoying all-natural Izze, with no added sweeetners!

If you’re looking for a great alternative to regular soda pop – you can’t do better than to buy Izze.

FreedaWindsor, OH

Amazing Drink.

This drink is absolutely great. It has less calories, sugars, and sodium than Pepsi or Coke products, plus it tastes great. My favorite is the clementine but I’m also partial to the blackberry and lime. It’s not overly sweet and I think thats why I like it. If you’re looking for an all natural, tasty drink, you’ve found it- Izze Sodas.

The reason this review is 4 Stars is because the pricing here on Amazon is ridiculous. Aren’t you supposed to get a deal when you buy by the case? I purchase an Izze everyday at work for $1.69… you do the math. I can literally buy more by purchasing them individually.

So while this soda is spectacular, do yourself a favor and find a better price. C’mon Amazon.

RussSumiton, AL

Delicious and all-natural

Izze was started by two friends who wanted to bring to America an all-natural, sparkling soda. The fruits of their labors are the wonderful like of Izze drinks! This delicious drink is made of fruit juice and sparkling water, and NO artificial flavorings or sweeteners.

This is a delicious soda that is delicious and yet better for you. I love this drink, and enjoy serving it to friends, some of whom are now raging Izze fans themselves! Jump on the bandwagon – buy Izze soda today!

(Review of Izze Sparkling Clementine Soda)

RossWhitesburg, TN

Great Tasting!

This is a very good drink. Tasty and not syrupy I really enjoyed the flavor. I tried the Sparkling Clementine. It is funny when I tasted the drink I thought, yup, that tastes like a Clementine. Then I looked at the back for the ingredients. There are juices (from concentrate) from White Grape, Apple, Lemon and Orange Juice. No Clementine. Funny enough it really is a nice flavor.

Izze also offers this beverage in a just over 8 oz. a can. The drink does not have caffeine or added sugars so I don’t feel bad about drinking it. It isn’t overly sweet so it adds a bit of energy rather then making me tired.

This is not a hydration beverage as much as a tasty treat. It is not unhealthy so you don’t need to feel guilty by downing one or two of these in a day. Not calorie free but not too bad either. The taste is not overly sweet. I have heard from others who consider it bitter. I disagree. I think this bitter taste is from tastebuds too used to sugary sodas.

A great drink, a good company and thumbs up in my book

BernieCedar Grove, IN