IZZE: Sparkling Grapefruit

Izze is the “Adult” Soda, not some overly sweet and syrupy childs drink. This is serious refreshment!! Drinking one Izze is the equivalent of eating a whole peice of fruit. All Natural with no prerservatives and no added sugar, all the sugar is from pure fruit juice. This grapefruit is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter combned in a bottle with the right amount of sparkle.

Quick facts

  • Made with fruit juice and sparkling water
  • All natural no preservatives
  • No added sugar all sugar is from fruit juice
  • A bottle is equal to one serving of fruit
  • Perfect balance of sweet and bitter, light refreshing taste

Top reviews

Delicious Healthy Drink

I am a fan of Izze sodas. I don’t and never have drank any other sodas.

They have natural fruit juice in them and carbonated water, that’s it.

Considering all the artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and other chemicals, this soda is nearly in a class by themself.

I am glad other companies are also switching to more natural ingredients.

Especially for children and their health. Children will always love sweet soda and this one is the most harmless one to keep for them. It is the only soda I keep at home.

I have tried all the flavors, this one is delicious and not overly sweet.

I love this company and their sodas.Highly recommended.

LenoreTaylors, SC

A great healthy alternative to soda pop…

My teens and their friends drink regular soda pop by the gallon! They’re obviously addicted to the stuff – a very unhealthy habit.

I can’t drink soda pop myself, it’s been 5 years or so since I had one, and so I began searching for a drink that tasted like regular soda pop, but wasn’t unhealthy. I searched high and low for a suitable alternative – and then I found Izze.

I love the fruity, tangy flavor of Izze’s sparkling grafefruit soda. The grapefruit flavor goes well with spicy mexican foods, but it is also great just by itself.

My teens love Izze and drink it now just like soda pop! I’m so happy to know they aren’t guzzling down corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors, but instead are enjoying all-natural Izze, with no added sweeetners!

If you’re looking for a great alternative to regular soda pop – you can’t do better than to buy Izze.

JacintaDaisytown, PA