Jablum Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Roasted Whole Bean, 2 – 8 oz bags

Coffee aficionados agree — the JABLUM taste is wonderfully exotic- a balanced medley of fleeting richness, sweetness and tempered acidity. But it is the lingering experience, the haunting aftertaste that still defies description. JABLUM’s coffee experience, after all, has been cradled in well-guarded tradition for generations. Today, JABLUM maintains its rank as the world’s most sought-after coffeeThe coffee experience beyond compare!

Quick facts

  • 16 ounces of Roasted Whole Bean coffee Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica
  • Terrific Gift
  • Vacuum packed for freshness, Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 2 – 8 oz bags
  • Brews 25 to 30 cups per bag

Top reviews

Blue Mountain Experience

I am a coffee lover of many years and as such am always interested in finding good coffees. This was my first time to try blue mountain, and purchasing it with a gift certificate allowed me to be a bit more extravagant than I otherwise would have been.

While the coffee is good, I don’t find it to be superior to other coffees I have ordered which are considerably less expensive.

BrandaDardanelle, AR


I don’t get all the hype over this coffee. Not much of a head on it. Doesn’t taste that great. What’s the big whoop?
ClementinaCouncil, ID

Jablum coffee beans

This coffee is smooth and is not bitter at all. It is wonderfully aromatic and a rich flavor. I personally bought the beans in Jamaica but it was only $12 for 12 ounces, I have seen such inflated prices on the internet for this product and truly it is not worth it.
YoshieBerkey, OH

Only 2 of 3 16 oz. received in shipment

I recently ordered the 16 oz., 3 Pack. When my FedEx order arrived on December 26, 2008 there were only two 16 oz. bags contained in my order. I would like my missing 16 oz. bag to be sent to me or at least be refunded 1/3 of my $105 charged price.
JunieBastrop, LA

Don’t believe the hype…

Went to Jamaica last May and brought about 6 pounds of this and the Waldenford’s Blue Mtn back with me. About half what you are paying here, but still not worth the money. It is good coffee. No question. But don’t believe all the hype. I am a casual coffee drinker and someone that takes coffee more seriously might get more benefit from this coffee. To me, not the case. I order my Peet’s Arabian Mocha Java online for about $14/lb and it is still my favorite coffee.
ShantaeKieffer, WV

Excellent coffee, not all that exotic, though…

I love my coffee, and because of that, I have tried lots and lots of varieties although I began as a simple Folgers fantatic. Jamaican Mountain Blue Coffee has been touted to be the best of the best world coffees out there by such highly esteemed sources as the Food Network and the kitchens of the White House.

I found the low acidity of the coffee very refreshing, but the darkness of this roast has not allowed a lot of subtleness of the flavor to come out. To me, this tastes like Folgers at its best, but nothing more than that. Great for everyday drinking, because it is smooth and rich and leaves little acid “bite.” But still, after having tried Kona coffee with its myriad of subtle flavors, I found Blue Mountain kinda boring.

I guess I disagree with experts, but hey, my coffee is important and taste is everything! If you like exotic flavors, this isn’t it. But it you would like to have consistently smooth, rich, honest coffee, this is the one.

AgnusAtwood, OK

Good coffee, but not great

I bought this coffee in Jamaica ($15 for 1 lb bag). While I liked and enjoyed it, I prefer several coffees from my local shops at about the same price. I think that it may have been worth the $15/lb, but no more. Certainly not at these prices.
KymberlyWetmore, CO

The best coffee ever

There is a reason they serve this coffee at the White House. Its the smoothest, best coffee ever produced. Low acid, smooth in the mouth, and it has the most intoxicating aroma. Worth the price.
EnriqueVilas, NC


I was very disappointed with the quality of the coffee. I have purchased Blue Mountain coffee before from other places and it was always great. But this was totally unsatisfactory. It had a mildewed flavor to it like it had been stored for a long time in a warehouse that was damp or moldy. For the money I paid for it I was quite displeased and will NEVER buy from them again.
AdalineLeesport, PA

jablum dont buy it

My son had this Jablum roasted and ground coffee brought back from Jamaica and paid a lot for it. I have drunk blue mountain for years when I can but this was shocking. It tasted stale when you opened the bag and even worse when you drank it. It was definitely off. He bought 5 bags and every one we tried was the same. I would never buy another. We had bought another brand in a tin from Jamaica which was fine. I think this is a con. You get all the rubbish about it being tested in Jamaica, well I dont know who tests it but definitely not someone who likes good coffee. I just dont understand how people say its any good. Maybe having paid so much for it its like the emperor’s new clothes.
LeonePeaster, TX

The best we has yet

We heard about this coffee before leaving for Jamaica so we pick up some and have fell in love with it. The best we have had yet smooth without that bitter after taste so many other coffee have.
KatiMilton, WV

My favorite beans

These are some of my favorite beans. I’ve purchased this brand a number of times in various roasts, and I’ve never been disappointed. Whether you use them in your French press, your espresso maker or your conventional coffee pot, some of the best tasting coffee you can imaging comes out of this bag.

Definitely recommended.

PrestonDilley, TX

Love Blue Mountain Coffee, Hate JABLUM

While in Jamaica, my wife and I drank Blue Mountain Coffer every day and loved it. We even went on a bike tour of the Blue Mountains, and purchased some coffee. It came in a plain clear plastic bag, and we could see the darkness of the roast. We enjoyed that coffee.

In Ocho Rios, we bought some bags of JABLUM. You can’t see the darkness of the roast, and all you can smell is the burlap bag. When we opened it up, it was a very light roast, not much fragrance, and once brewed, the coffee tasted a lot like dirt. We were very disappointed.

NicolaPort Barre, LA