Jack Link’s All American Beef and Cheese Sticks Combo Pack, 1.2-Ounce , 16 count

Jack Link’s combo pack contain 100% beef and creamy American cheese.

Quick facts

  • Case of thirty two 1.2 ounce beef sticks and cheese combos
  • Beef and creamy American cheese
  • Also is available in jalapeno sizzle beef and cheese, which is a spicy flavor

Top reviews

good portable snack

Love the combo packs for a fraction of the price as compared to a convenience store. These are delicious, portable, and even the pickiest eaters in the family love them. Great protein energy boost any time of day. Just be sure to keep these somewhere cool or the cheese melts.
BernieFayetteville, NY

Great Snack

Great buy for the money.

It is cheaper buying in bulk than buying then one at a time from your local service station.

Great product.

YolandeLiverpool, NY


Great product combination! I highly recommend this item, being one for the spicier side of life this one definitely fills the bill! I kept it in the fridge so cheese never melted lol. Enjoy!
LisaLucien, OK

Kids like these

I bought these as stocking stuffers, and they seemed to be a hit. The grandchildren really liked them.
SeymourPilot Rock, OR

good portable snack

For less than a fraction of the price of what I used to pay at a convenience store, I get the same high quality, delicious tasting beef and cheese stick combo pack. The cheese has just the right bite to it. The only thing is be sure not to leave these in a hot car or else the cheese will melt.
DustyMakaweli, HI

Link up to the Combo Pack

The taste is beefy and the smooth cheese is so delicious, should have gotten another box they are just that good.
VeolaElnora, IN

Tasty and Fast

Product tastes great and is in good shape. Only took 8 days from the States to my FOB in Afghanistan. That’s really fast.
AndreEsmond, IL


i order these jack links to try them out and the wife and kids love them i also and happy with the taste.
BobetteKingston, IL

Very Pleased

as a deployed military person, the Item arrived rather quickly. I was very pleased with the company. I look forward to doing business in the future.
FawnMargie, MN

A Great Spicy Snack

It’s only mildly spicy but it is a great snack. Take it on the road, put it in a pack for hiking, or send it with the kids in a lunch box. This has great flavor.
KailaBear Creek, NC