Jack Links Pickled Sausage, Screamin’ Demon, 2.4-Ounce Packages

Jack Links Pickled Sausage, Screamin Demon flavor; made with chicken, pork, and beef.It is a Convenient high-protein snack with only 150 calories per serving.

Quick facts

  • Case of two 2.4-ounce packets of pickled sausage (4.8 total ounces)
  • Screamin Demon flavor; made with chicken, pork, and beef
  • Convenient high-protein snack with only 150 calories per serving
  • Perfect for a lunch box or backpack
  • Based in Minong, Wisconsin (population 521), Jack Links is the best-selling jerky in North America

Top reviews


I have a question. Why do all of these pickled sausages HAVE to have hearts as an ingredient in them? That’s freakin’ disgusting!
IngaBloomington, CA

Better than Tijuana Mamas

Like other reviewers, I loves me some Tijuana Mamas. But I just recently discovered these, and I like them even better.

The ingredients are similar, but these are beefier and, I think, just a tad hotter. (I’m reviewing Screamin’ Demons here. Hot Heads are almost as hot, but not as fat as Demons.)

They’re made of a soft more-or-less-meatlike substance rather than proper sausage, but if you’ve had Tijuana Mamas before, you’ll know what to expect. These are a bit harder than TMs but with a similar texture.

Great snack — and if you like spicy flavors the way I do, you’ll also have a good time sucking out the leftover hot vinegar after eating the sausage.

Nutritious? Hell, you’ve got your pork hearts, your vinegar, your pepper extract — that’s three of the basic food groups right there. The only one missing is alcohol, and I understand it’s possible to get that from supplements. 😉

DavidMebane, NC

Very not awesome.

First off I am not bias’d towards Jack Links or anything like that, however this product definitely sucks.
The taste wasn’t very good at all, not revolting or anything but I wasn’t enjoying it.
As for heat, depends on the person I would think, I really enjoy spicy stuff and this was about as Hot as
Texas Pete which would be about as low as it gets.

If your like me your going to try it anyways, I’d recommend getting the single package and trying one first before you get a 30 pack in which you will probably be trying to give 29 away. =P

GeniaOrland, CA

It’s not hard sausage — more like a mushy hot dog with red food coloring added

I’ve been a fan of Jack Links beef jerky for a long time. This product, however, sorta scares me now that I’ve tried it. They are dyed red and don’t have a sausage-like consistency at all. That is, this isn’t a hard sausage. It’s like highly processed meat (including pork hearts!). Under the red skin, they’re really mushy, almost like pâté or a soft hot dog. An individually wrapped red, soft hot dog steeped in a vinegar-based hot sauce.

The heat and tang are good, but the consistency is a bit too soft for me. I’d love them if they were a bit less mushy and didn’t mention the organ meat on the label. Make sure to try one before buying in bulk.

I’m not condemning the product or people who like it. It just wasn’t what I expected. Your mileage may vary.

TamelaGrosvenor Dale, CT


All the talk about how hot these are had me ready for a fire extinguisher. I actually found them milder than anticipated. For me they werent that hot, guess thats just the difference between the taster. Overall a quality product, id give 4 stars!
GerryCleveland, ND

wrong quantity

The boxes contain 12 sausages each,not 24, which means I received half of what the description says. I was charged for 24 but only received 12. I contacted amazon and they say they will credit my acct. for the right amount.
JosephNoatak, AK

Love em!

I like anything pickled and these are awesome! Yep they hurt but I love hot stuff!
Great product
ConnieMarlow, NH

great deal great product

This is a really great product. It is hard to find in my area. Amazon.com is the way to go.I get it fast and cheap. T R COOK
VivanHartland, MN

Hurts So Good!

OMG these things are HOT and not for the faint of tongue! And that’s from someone who is no wimp when it comes to spicy. But I love them. If I rinse the “juice” off under running water for about 20 seconds and make sure I have a drink (or fire extinguisher) at hand, they are really good. And unlike the delicious but addictive beef sticks, one is enough.

The Jack Links Hot Heads are good too, and not as hot as these things, but the taste and texture aren’t quite up to the Demons. If you can handle the heat, you’ll probably like these. I would give them a 5 if they weren’t quite so hot. But then I’m eating one as I write this, so maybe I’m especially sensitive right this minute. 🙂

DeweyFloral City, FL

its like loving the smell of your own farts

this is a piece of processed sausage soaked in a delicious hot vinegar juice. It’s really more of a processed pasty meat-like substance wrapped in casing than anything else. But for some reason, its really good and addicting.
You can find these at gas stations or convenience stores along with the Tijuana Mama (very similar and slightly better) but they cost a lot more than you can get them here.
LauraDiamond Springs, CA

Hot Heads make a Comeback!

A few years back Jack Link Hot Heads were my favorite hot sausages. Somehow, as at least one reviewer shares, they developed a texture issue. The once firm, hot-dog like texure was replaced with a pate-like tube…which I did not care for.
Well, I recently decided to give them another try. Lo and behold! They’re back to the orginal firmness! And still very tasty too!
Highly recommended!
NicoletteAltavista, VA

Awesome snack!!!

I have always liked these things (Screamin’ Demon), and usually grab one on my way out of town to the beach. But now that I’m pregnant and craving spicy stuff, I can’t get enough of them!!! The sodium content is high, so I have to watch it. But the vinegar settles an icky tummy (believe it or not!), and the hotness has me going about cross-eyed…which is good for me because I like spicy stuff. It really hurts tho if you get any of the juice under your tongue…that’s tender meat under there! However, if you’re prone to heartburn, like I am, you’ll be suffering a few hours later…have the Tums ready! Overall, completely worth the suffering after eating it!
CurtisSalisbury, NC


I love Jack Link Pickled Sausage, plus they are hard to find in the store and when they are found they are old. I find if you store them in a cold environment they taste better and last longer.
WarnerCalabash, NC

Excellent Pickled sausage

Totally happy with the Jack Links Screamin Demon. The blend of great flavor and some pretty nice heat is a winner in my book. Had my concerns they may not be good as individual packaged snacks, but not a problem. Best pickled hot sausages I have tried so far, and I have bought some of the more expensive jar types. I will definitely buy again.
LilyShenorock, NY

Thank You!

Speedy delivery, great packaging, and FRESH product. These are my absolute favorite!! They come in 2 boxes of 12 individually wrapped sausages. It’s a great buy. I’ve had these before, but I live in New York City and they aren’t sold here. I will be purchasing this product from amazon again! Thanks so much.
NadineCamanche, IA

Great way to feed your Jack Links Addiction

I buy these from local gas stations all the time. I grew up getting “tiajuana mama’s” and Ficher’s “red hots” from local stores. Jack Links has produced a similar product that I find tastier than anything else I have tried. If you like pickeled food with a vinegar taste (eggs, kosher pickles, sausage or most anything you would find in an interstate truckstop) you wont be disappointed with these.
MacBerryville, VA

Exaggerated Spiciness and Too Sour

After reading the reviews from others about how spicy this is, it’s not THAT spicy. I eat breakfast that can be spicier at times. Also, it’s too sour, too much vinegar. However, it’s pretty good and it’s only 150 calories, but 55% of daily salt. It will help if you are hungry, but not very convenient for on the go snacking since it drips when you open it.
EmileTutor Key, KY


These are very good a little hot but that is what makes them good. I have purchased some more.
JestinePlankinton, SD

Good Flavor and Fairly Hot – Highly Recommended!

I have tried Jack Links “Hot Heads” and the “Screamin’ Demon” pickled sausages. These have a very good vinegar tangy flavor and neither are too hot for me to eat (I really like spicy food and have a high heat tolerance), but my wife and kids find the “Screamin’ Demon” too hot for them.

The texture is consistent with other other pickled sausages I have tried.

Highly Recommended!


EvelynMesilla Park, NM