Jack Links Prime Rib Beef Tender Cuts, 3-Ounce Bags

Tender chunks of lean 100% beef are seasoned for that prime rib taste. Premium cut and slow-cooked beef with JL signature marinade; 96% fat free and low in carbs

Quick facts

  • Premium cuts of lean, 100 percent beef
  • Smoked with authentic mesquite
  • Tender, savory beef flavor

Top reviews

Make your own jerky save money.

Make your own jerky and save money. This product has MSG in it. It’s bad for you and unhealthy. Just look on youtube how to make it yourself. You don’t need preservatives in your homemade jerky if you eat it within the week.
RoslynBoonville, NC


Ordered two packages. Each was supposed to have four bags. One package was opened and one bag was missing. Whoever boxed the two packages must have been hungry and helped themselves to one. In addition, they were overpriced. I see them at the checkout counter at WalMart for $3 a bag. Do the math.
AsiaPelican Rapids, MN

Way too salty

I couldn’t eat this after 1 first bite. I thought I was chewing salt marinated beef strips. Yuck! So disappointed at Jack Link’s
TraciBebe, TX


This is not up to par for Jack Links products. These are awful! Gritty, they taste like I imagine dog snacks would taste.
LorileeManchester, OK

Pretty good.

These are pretty good. In my opinion, they aren’t nearly as good as the Teriyaki Beef Steak Nuggets (which are sort of similar), but they aren’t bad either. They have sort of a prime rip au-jus flavoring, but you can tell that the meat itself isn’t prime rib. It’s definitely work a try to see if you like it.
MarcyCrest Park, CA

Dry, short dated

I typically like this type of jerky. These bags were dry, and had short expiration dates. I am disappointed that amazon would ship these out with such close dates of expiration.
LaurelDorset, VT

Awesome Jerky Tenders

I purchased these as a treat for my dogs.(Yes they are spoiled).My grandkids, husband and I found them delicious!! P.S. The dogs loved when they could sneek some.
BrandeePonemah, MN

Nice and chewy

Jack Link does jerky better than just about anyone, and these are no exception. Nicely chewy without feeling like your jaws will give out. Good salty and beefy flavor. Amazon’s prices are usually lower than in the store, even store sale prices.
GarlandPleasant Valley, VA

Very Tender and Consistently Great Jerky.

This Jerky has been the Greatest I Have Had in Years Only Home Made Jerky is Better.
Mick PHX AZ.
NaidaTaylor, AR

Wish they were closer

Love this product, just wish it were available in stores near me. I have found the buffalo fire kind which I don’t like. Have not found the turkey jerky yet. Till then, guess I’ll continue to purchase it from here.
HillaryAjo, AZ

Like Beef Dipped in an Ashtray

I’m a big fan of Jack Link’s beef jerky, especially their flavored jerky’s. I hadn’t seen this one in the stores so when it went on sale on Amazon I scooped it up. Generally the beef nuggets and tendercuts style jerky’s are not my favorite, for some reason the beef gets very rubbery compared to the regular style cuts, but I knew this diving into the bag of jerky.

At first the taste was like the beef had been dropped in a pile of debris on a smokehouse floor, smokey, meaty and ashy tasting. I thought maybe it was just the initial taste and continued to chew. It only worsened as I continued and eventually I swallowed and was met with a disgusting taste left in my mouth.

Now that I have all four bags remaining I’m not sure what to do with them. I may give them away as a gag gift for the holidays and literally watch people gag as they try to eat this.

PearlElgin, OH

Tastes great

Very good. Tastes like Original Jack Links only with a little more flavor. Very tender and not dry, but a little on the salty side. The bag is HUGE though and there is a tiny amount in the bag! It’s disappointing.
CarlosRocky, OK

Really tender.

It’s hard to judge this stuff as jerky, really, since it doesn’t have a lot of “jerk” – they’re little strips about the size and shape of a french fry – perhaps three inches long, and about 3/8″ square. Thanks probably to powerful industrial meat chemicals, they’re incredibly tender, and make great little meat-flavored snacks. My only problem with them is that you get maybe a dozen strips per bag, and they’re kinda expensive to get so little. Oh well, meat’s expensive.
EtheleneBlue Jay, WV

Not Prime Rib Beef and Salty

– Obviously the beef is not prime rib as the name “Jack Links Prime Rib Beef Tender Cuts” suggests.
– It’s salty, contains MSG and doesn’t taste as good as the steak nuggets.
– The smell is too strong, especially its “natural smoke flavor” ; eating in a room is not recommended.
EllenByrdstown, TN

Good product, recommended.

I buy the turkey jerky now and then as a tasty way to get some extra protein either before/after a workout or as a snack throughout the day. It’s a little bit steep on the sodium to have a bunch of it but other than that it’s great. I like it a lot. Recommended.
FrankCogswell, ND

Yummy Chicken Jerky : }

I liked that it was chicken, you dont have to rip your teeth out tearing a bite off. With a chew it comes apart. Probably would have like a different flavor and with the bulk that I bought that was kind of a bummer. Id advise people to get a bag of each to see what flavor you like best. Not do what I did and get a unknown flavor in bulk.
AprylKeauhou, HI